Thursday, May 27, 2004

Washington Phillips with his matching set

When somebody tells you, "Here's an interesting story," you can generally assume that it's not a very interesting story. Otherwise, why buttress the telling with a preface?

Anyway. Here's an interesting story:

I was just droploading a copy of Washington Phillips' "Lift Him Up, That's All" for a friend and after I finished sending it, I checked my mail to find, lo and behold, a droploaded song from another friend. What did friend number two send me?

Washington Phillips' "Lift Him Up, That's All".

Having just finished Paul Auster's The Red Notebook, I refuse to accept this as coincidence and since Sean already gave a glowing report on this track, I figure the stars must want me to share.

Here's a double play of Washington Phillips and, just to be shifty, two other versions of the same traditional tunes done in a very different style.



Washington Phillips - "Lift Him Up, That's All"

Buy Storefront and Streetcorner Gospel: 1927-1929 direct from Document Records.
Sixteen classic Phillips tracks and a handful of other offbeat and unlikely music as well.


Ralph Stanley - "Lift Him Up, That's All"

Buy Ralph Stanley's 2002 eponymous release.

Nary a weak track in sight. "Little Mathie Grove" and "Twelve Gates to the City" are particularly striking.
As this isn't the first Stanley track I've posted in the Hut, I feel as if I'm repeating my links a tetch here, but whattayagonnado?

Stanley's official site
A bio from the Dickenson County, Virginia (Ralph's hometown) website


Washington Phillips - "What Are They Doing In Heaven Today"

Buy Washington Phillips' "I Am Born to Preach the Gospel" direct from Yazoo Records.


Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet - "What Are They Doing In Heaven Today"

The "human orchestra" sound of the Golden Gate may require multiple listens of the track to convince you that it's an entirely acapella piece. Believe it.

Interestingly enough, the Golden Gate ALSO did a rousing rendition of "Lift Him Up", but I was drawn to the idea of three drastically different artist's take on two songs rather than one, so here we are.

Buy the second volume of Document's Complete Recorded Works of the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet from Amazon.
I can't be emphatic enough about how essential this six volume collection of music is.

Desert Island material and then some.
A brief bio
Background and a (very partial) discography


Sorry no Phillips links; go google it for christsakes.

I'm not really in a position to think about this post anymore, as between the time that it was started and the time I'm typing this, my roommate situation has reached some sort of maximum density and imploded.

As such I'm now moving out fairly shortly. There's gonna be another short intermission afore too long.

Clearly, God doesn't like me very much right now.