Friday, November 12, 2004

We're working on it.

glistening by the numbers: ELEVEN

Yellowman - "11 + 11"

41: is he calling me? let me know what he needs 'cause he's great. No, I'm not bi-lingural. chew chew chew. Great laid back, top drawer reggae.

Lee: I didn't hear much on this song that made me want to listen to it more than once. It suffers from the problem of the previous track - the kind of song where I hear it, and then immediately forget about it.

Jamie: Guessing this is a more recent vintage of Yellowman than his early, raunchy stuff? My collection of Jamaican music stops dead around the time dancehall and ragga take over - never could wrap my ears around those genres (true, I have the Tougher Than Tough boxset, and have nearly worn out the first three discs, but disc four has been spun 2-3 times tops).

Rosecrans: Ooh, this is really, really bad. I'm actually laughing. It would be hard for a singer to sound less convincing.

David: Another very good song. There's so much high quality stuff on here that I've never heard before, I'm losing the ability to articulate just how good some of this stuff is.

Yellowman is a tuff tuff cat; he overcame intense prejudice in Jamaica (son is an albino and that doesn't get much love) and a REALLY rough bout with throat cancer. In the eighties, he is generally acknowledged to have dethroned Marley as the most popular reggae singer in his home country.

Sadly, Yellowman falls prey to the main caveat that keeps dancehall off US pop radio; some of his songs are overwhelmingly misogynistic and homophobic, "AIDS" and "Want a Virgin" come to mind. Even so, Yellow also drops occasional pearls of political and ethical wisdom; "Stop Beat Woman" is as close as we'll get to a dancehall call for an end to marital violence.

One of the reasons I picked this track was for the nod to 41. Glad he caught it.

Buy "One In a Million", essential later-era (read: braids, not 'fro) Yellowman dancehall toasting, direct from Shanachie Records.
I _highly_ recommend ya'll go check out "Mister Yellowman" and "Zungguzungguguguzungguzeng" as soon as possible as they both is smokin'.
Read this brief interview with King Yellow.
Just how do you say "Zungguzungguguguzungguzeng?"
Remember AudioGalaxy? Oh my god, I used to LOVE audiogalaxy. God bless em.
Good for nothing now, though. "Due to customer demand we now showcase the web's most popular auctions". Riiiiight.
The articles they still have up are the same ones that were up THREE YEARS ago.


HY - "A.M. 11:00"

How cool are the Japanese? Cool enough that they can create as genre like 'Indie J-Pop' and then come up with music that's good enough to make you not laugh at the label.

This track was passed on to me MONTHS ago by the lovely El-Chan from the currently defunct Fruits of Chaos. Come back soon and get ta bloggin' ladies!

Buy HY's debut album, "Street Story", from yesasia.com.
Read this HY overview in 'Time: Asia' about HY's DIY ethic.
Fave quote: "Says lead singer Hideyuki Shinzato, 'We're not cool like SMAP'."
Yeah, but really; who is?
Visit HY's official site.

remember "clicky"?

Cleaning out the ol' links box today, so you get some funlinks.

I need another Jay-Z remix album like I need a third buttock.
Even so, The Classical Album is reason to buy an extra chair.
(via the aforementioned Music for Maniacs)
Kill a few hours at Grand Illusions.
This is creepy.
"Powered by Google"?
G-dudes. C'mon. Don't be creepy.
Realdoll vs. Superbabe.
I weep for the children.
This guy is my evil twin, a bazonkers leech and precisely what I'm trying to avoid fostering.

Gay animals.

Musicblog updates over the weekend. As always, plenty of newbies.