Tuesday, April 13, 2004

glisten: The Kids Are Alright

Generacion - "Toma Que Toma"

Keith: The beats are cracklin, the melodies sound like something out of a Disney marching band, but what the hell are these kids singing? I mean, I know it's Spanish, and probably something innocuous, but in my mind, I envision hymns to Satan because of the beats, the call response pattern, and the way it just feels like a chant.

Andrew: I like the singing, though the instrumentation sounds like something from a Disney flick. Seriously, like it was ripped from Fantasia or something. Still a good tune.

Strange that both of you thought this was Disnified. I guess the orchestration does lend itself a little to that, but I don't much hear it. Mostly, this makes me wanna shake a tailfeather.

In terms of info, I got nothing. Google isn't helpful for foreign language terms if you don't speak the lingo. I don't even remember where I got this from. Some samaritan wanna help?

Aprenda un poco español


The Shaggs - "You're Something Special to Me"

Keith: This sounds like the work of a 9 year old Robert Pollard or John Darnielle. It has that, "I just thought of this, and now I'm gonna take out my boom box and record it," aesthetic. Unfortunately, this kid is nowhere near as good as mssrs Pollard and Darnielle.

Andrew: Like everything from the Shaggs, I'm sure that this is emotionally pure and meaningful and all that, but I'm just too shallow to appreciate it. Cracks me up every time.

I'd like to go on record as saying I love the Shaggs. I don't know about "emotionally pure and meaningful" but they sound so goddamn _real_. People who listen to this with ironic attachment are crazy; this is just honest DIY rock, nothing bad or "hipster" about it as far as I can see. I've spent a day or two with nothing but the Shaggs to keep me company and I'll prolly do it again.

This is one of my fave Shaggs tracks. The "hup two three" count, the lead guitar racing to keep up with the lyrics ("when you smile at me, my face bleeds"), the slight lisp, just the sweet gentle lull of it all: I'm four years old spinning in circles and listening to a 45 turntable, eatin' pimento loaf and swingin' my Stretch Armstrong octopus over my head.

My Pal's Name is Foot Foot
"The SHAGGS MOVIE should start filming during March 2004!"
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The Cheese Band - "I Like Cheese"

Keith: I don't like Cheese actually. Outside of Pizza, I can't stand the stuff. That said, the tape recorder tricks were cutting edge... 40 years ago... And that break halfway through is a pathetic excuse for scat. Eventually, this seems to just break down into a Casio demo and kids bashing keys and shouting and any hope of experimentalism or interestingness is abandoned in favor of cacophony. This is where the song finds itself. This is the soul of the song. LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH!

Andrew: Well hell, who doesn't? Keith, apparently. Loved the scatting (dooo dee dee deeeeeh), piano playing, and 'I mean, not dinner, but lunch, lunch lunch.' What's that squeaky noise thing that plays randomly? Sounds kinda like a pullstring noisemaker I had when I was 6.

I'm really getting a kick out of the fact that you guys seem to gravitate to the same idiosyncracies in these tracks. Great minds.

That casiotone beat and the pullstring "I love you very much"/"let's have fun" toy is SO nostalgiac; I can't even tell you.

That creepy voice at the end that says "Let Dylan play" scares me doodyless.

This is me, twenty years ago. No, not really; but it might as well be. It's probably you too.

Casio brings electronic sound to life.
Tell the world!
"I curtailed my Walpoling activites, sallied forth, and infiltrated your place of purveyance to negotiate the vending of some cheesy comestibles!"
Cheese is, traditionally, geek food.


April - "Peanut Butter, Jelly"

Keith: I remember singing this song as a child. I did a better job of it than this pathetic child. I agree with her (brother?) - she should be arrested.

Andrew: The definitive guide on proper sandwich making. I like, though it evokes unpleasant memories of preschool kindergarten.

I must've missed this one in grammar school; it's not familiar to me at all.
I like how the kid screws up and then incorporates the screwup into the song as some sort of strange alter-ego voice.
"Henaaa, henaa gutta; nellie, nellie."

Both this and the prior track are off the FREE TO DOWNLOAD "Party Fun with Recorders" via Comfort Stand Records.

If you haven't bookmarked CS Records yet, you're only spiting yourself.

They're amazing.
One of the greatest things the web has to offer.

I sometimes open a window of this in the background and periodically refresh.

I blame the childhood head trauma.

The updated version sucks. Accept no substitutes.

"Freestyle, freestyle, yo' style!"
2000 Uses for Peanut Butter


Anonymous Kid - "How Does It Stinkin' Feel?"

Keith: This child wants 3 things more than anything. 1) to be a Bluesman. In this regard, he fails. Miserably. He should have his larynx removed if he attempts to sing ever again. 2) to let loose and say FUCK. The euphemism does not fool me. This is a foul-mouthed child. I approve. 3) To masturbate. I will not pass judgment, but I would rather not hear him sing about it. This young man is not, after all, Cindi Lauper.

Andrew: I bet this is what schizophrenics hear inside their heads.

This is completely brilliant.

I have to wonder if this is some sort of response to D'Angelo's "Untitled (How Does It Feel?)"

Because I love you and I'm a strange man, here's the lyrics; transcribed at great risk to my mental health:

"How? Does it feel? Tell me, how does it feel? I wanna know, how does it stinkin' feel? How what? How, how yeah, does it stinkin' feel? Let's turn it up, cmon. How does it stinkin' feel, bay beh; how does it stinking feel? How does it stinkin' feel; how does it stinkin' feel? I wanna know how! You stinkin' feel; cmon tell me how you stinkin' feel! Tell me how you stinkin' feel, bay-beh!
How do you, how do you; how do you stinking feel! Hangoozah! Zingazingoozah! Gummazingzumbingabeeyoo! Hmm hmm ha hmm hmm hmm ha mmbahzingazingazumbayeh! (Dumb voice) Yes, I want, a chicken wing, from your Burger King. How do you stinking feel?(/dumb voice) Well, I feel just fine. EEEEEEYAAAAHHH! How do you stinking feel, tell me how do you stinking feel? How do you stinking feel; how do you stinking feel? Tell me how do you stinking feel? How do you feel? Tell me how do you stinking feel? How do you feel? I got a rabbit! Down my pants! Tell me now! I said I got a rabbit, rabbit, rabbit down my pants! If you want one rabbit down your pants, you better fish it right out, right now, cmon! Mmnammyam, a how do you stinking feel; cmon now, howweeyoweehow, how do you stinking feel? Oh, I. I'm not sure. Anyways, all I wanted to do was have a stinking wing, but I got a humongous butt all over; don't wanna butt all over. Uh, Chicken wings, how do you stinkin' feel; said, chicken wings; said, how do you stinking feel? Bacon burger. Give me a throw pillow and a crowbar; I'll show you how to hit with a nine iron. Chicken wings; how do you stinking feel. Said, how do you stinkin' feel? How do you stinking, STINKING, STIIIINNKINNNG FEEEEL? I wanna know how you stinkin' feel! Tell me! How You Stinking Feel! But I wanna know how you stinking feel; oh, but I wanna (percussion) buhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuhBUH! Yeah! How do you. Stin. King. UhFeel! Yeaaahuhhhyeah: how do you STINKING FEEL?"

I have to go rest now.

This track comes courtesy of Mic In Track who offers two OTHER songs by our young protege: "Willie Nelson" and "The Ice Cream Man Is Fat".

They live up to your expectations.

Mic In Track is a fun romp; stay awhile.
Chicken wings are not for flying.
How to hit with the nine iron.