Friday, January 23, 2004


We likes comments 'round here. Speak up or get run over.

Star Wars Geeks are Cool...for Me to Poop On: Rather than retype the whole damn thing, here's a pile of Star Wars crap previously posted over on MoFi.
FWIW: I was sure that my Star Wars geek days were done after I saw Attack of the Clones, which made my personal Bottom 9 of 2003, but I'm back after putting in over thirty hours on KotOR and finally beating it last night. Can't see playing it all the way through again just for the Dark Side ending and 'twas buggy as a locust summer but still more fun than I should be having at this age. If you ever got goosebumps when you heard that blare of horns and saw the words roll up the screen, you'll love it.
Speaking of video games, why aren't you playing DDR Max 2? To whet your appetite, here's some Dance Dance Revolution Videos. It's also excellent exercise. Here: have a listen. Later on you can audition for the inevitable movie. If not you can always Click Buttons And Dance Like Oobi. You shake whole body.
More quality dancing can be found at Hey Ya Charlie Brown via linkfilter and shortly via EVERYONE. This is too cute. Outkast, incidentally, is ice cold. Alrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalright alrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightokaynowladies!
The Running of the Dachshunds: For Snuffy. Yah, little weinerdog, Yah!
Zippy seems to be blogging.
Technical Virgin.com: via Everlasting Blort. " If straight guys were serious about wanting to have sex and not worry about knocking someone up, they'd hook up with each other."
There'll never be another: I always thought Aflopez would've been catchier, but nobody asks me anything.
I also would like to note that I don't know why the fuck I'm posting this.
But as long as I'm celebrity whoring, check out "No More Piercings For 'Scary' Christina Aguilera": "One of them finally gets up here to meet me and the mom was like, 'So go ahead BILLY, go and take a picture with Christina. Don't be shy. She won't bite,' and she kind of pushes him up and he runs back behind his mother and goes, 'But mom, she's scary.'"
And from the previous link, there's THIS would-be voice of the unwashed: Miles Thirst. Who do you figure this guy is pimping for, Sprite or Colt 45? We'll all know by the Superbowl.
Lastly, there's Tofu Robot, which makes me very happy.
"TOFU ROBOT T-SHIRT. You wear it you are a special guest for everywhere!"
Which is basically all I ever wanted.