Sunday, January 11, 2004

Dude... GO TO BED!
One more and I'll quit for the night. Promise.
I was sniffing out the surf and found pixelsurgeon, a pleasant little website all it's own, that led me to this dance performance site. Click on the picture labelled: "- DAVE ELSEWHERE Ft. @ the 2000 show - " for the accompanying video and I bet your jaw will drop like mine did.
The last half of this is simply beyond belief.
You can hear the audience gasp near the end, when they realize that what they're seeing shouldn't be possible.
He is Dave Elsewhere. Know him, for he is your god.
For chrissakes, he's pop locking to µ-ziq's "Hasty Boom Alert". You aren't allowed to get cooler than that, for your own safety and those around you.
Seriously, guys. He's from the future and he's going to kill Sarah Connor.
I want to have his baby.