Monday, January 05, 2004


Rather than some garish complicated rating system, I have some pretty simple recommendations for a movie. They'll divide themselves as:

1) The Worst. I would not recommend anyone watch this film. You'll find it's pretty rare that I go this route. In fact of the 172 films I saw last year, only thirteen qualify as The Worst. Of those thirteen, seven were so bad that I was actively vehemently opposed to ANYONE watching them. Those seven will get the special hall of shame treatment, Bottom 7 of 2003. I'm avoiding those suckers like the plague and I think you should too, if you know what's good for you.

2) Good. If a film had enough points of interest to hold my attention, but didn't really leave me charged or changed, it was good. Self-evident, I should think; but this IS the internet. You're intended to qualify everything in this goddamn place.

3) Starred. These are the movies that were fuckin' good. Movies that were REALLY fuckin' good fit into the Top 25 of 2003. Movies that were TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME go into the coveted Top 9 of 2003.
I don't know how I can make this clearer.

I'll think about it.

No, that's pretty fuckin' clear.

For each film I'll provide the date I watched it, whether it was small screen (more likely) or big screen, and a recommendation along with some qualifying commentary.

Just for kicks, I'll likely also toss in a few pertinent links and (when appropriate) the circumstances surrounding my watching of the film. Sometimes what's going on offscreen when we choose to see a film is as important to our understanding and enjoyment as anything that happens on the screen is.

I'll try not to get too anal with the hard facts. Lord knows anyone can research any of these films in a few minutes thru the wonder of great Lord GOOGLE faster than I can say "bloated review", so I'll keep it loose and personal.
Because that's what I am.
Loose and personal.

First one coming up. I'll keep them in one FPP and update regularly, alphabetically. Everything else will satellite.

Can you hear me Houston?