Saturday, January 10, 2004

Make it stop! Make it STOP!

Well, my shoulder and back are still pretty beat up so I'm leaving a heating pad on all day in lieu of shelling out mad cash for a walk in visit. Also, my first pick of this weekend's playoffs just lost in an astonishingly dumb game and the Patriots just scored a quick TD on the Titans so there's not much going good at the moment.
So howzabout some offbeat linkage to kill some time while we watch the game?

Creation of a dream: Shouldn't this be battery operated?
"Audiogame.net": Lots of sonic toys to kill time with.
"this is a page containing sounds i've heard and recorded, mostly around the city of chicago.": I love found sound. In college, I remember getting into an argument with a professor who said that it was immoral to want to look in the windows of your neighbors. Clearly, she never lived in the City where that sort of show is generally better than Must-See-TV.
Backwards Man Talk: Exactly how lazy do you have to be to need this?
"Get your Electrolux Death Ray Here!": Astonishing work. Reminds me of something my old friend Karl Hedstrom would do.
Modified Speak and Spell Sounds: Not at all unlike Autechre, ala Texas Instruments. The online Speak 'N' Spell is down, but you'll find something similar here and an even better version of the same here.
Pavarotti Loves Elephants:Yet another Joel Veitch creation. Unlikely to be the last one you'll find here.
"If only Sigmund Freud had known": A fetish site of women with long or abnormally large noses. Yes, they're serious. Seems SFW, but caveat emptor.
Killa Beez on th' Swarm: I'm not a huge Wu-Tang fan, but there's a treasure trove of remixes and rarities for listening or download on this site. The RZA, Big Baby Jebus and Meth shit is MOST interesting.

More after the Titans game.

Random thoughts while typing:
The Expedia.com musical insignia is a perfect example of advertising that works. I can't even THINK Expedia without hearing the jingle in my head... and now that I've done a little research I've discovered that it was written by my old Murfreesboro hometown band Self. Everything old is new again. Compare and contrast to that other classic of western civilization, the ween pizza hut commercial. I'll be singing these fuckers until I die. Thanks God!

Would like to get, learn and use Movable type; but I'm beginning to realize just how unknowledgable I am with anything to do with computers. PERL?