Monday, January 05, 2004


Here's the gist of it:

First and foremost, I'm using this as a forum to publish my film list for 2003, as well as my 2004 films as I see 'em. I saw a LOT of films last year and plan to see a lotta films this year. Some of these moved me deeply, some of them moved my bowels deeply. All of them affected me and I'd like to tell you why and how and whether or not you should waste your time going after them yourself.

The reasoning behind my film jones, some pointless ruminations about the way we see films and my rambling thoughts on the media in general are bound to get some play as well. It's my page and my prerogative. It's the way that I wanna live.

Secondly, I listen to a lot of music. And read a bit. And play video games. And watch sports. Course, that isn't ALL I do, but you can bet I'll certainly be talking about that stuff quite a bit. So, if you care about ANY of the above, who knows? Stay tuned; I might have something interesting to say. I mean, I doubt it; but they say the sun shines on even a dog's ass sometimes.

And of course there's the ever popular linkage. Whatever doesn't get sent here will likely show up here.

Lastly, I want a diary. Just like Anne Frank, except in this universe the Nazis won and then were conquered by aliens. But I digress. So random "what's-up-in-this-guy's-meaningless-life" diversions are likely to crop up. No extra charge. You can thank me later.

Goals for myself would be to improve my maddd 'ritin' skillzzz!1!!, make a few online friends, cypher html well enough to revamp these pages somewhat, sniff around the web to figure out how to host music and maybe even upgrade to a new blogstyle and then learn to ride sidesaddle.

That's what I got to start. What do YOU bring to the table?