Thursday, January 15, 2004

NYT Filter

"Lenny (Bruce) was a heroin addict, and I could care less about heroin addicts," Mr. Miller said. "Once I hear a guy is a heroin addict, and they tell me he's a genius, I think, really? I'm not trying to be judgmental. But anybody whose last vision is of a tile pattern on a bathroom floor, I don't know what kind of genius they are."
Dear Dennis Miller: Fuck you.
"People come to me and I can help them. It gives me some - possibly illusory - feeling of playing a role in the community."
The Sims Online Debate made the front page today. This is bad juju. Like a Hello Kitty novel written by William Gibson.
A review of online potato chip companies references online snack gurus
Taquitos. What's your favorite edible chip?
Two great items from the Online Diary:
The ESP Game (addictive) and City Creator (tasty pixels).

Also: Paging Professor X... WTF? Is this the aftermath of Chernobyl or some shit? And why do I feel like, truth or fiction, we'll never hear about this EVER AGAIN...
via Notes from a Different Kitchen