Monday, January 26, 2004


Joliet Prison, 4th of July celebration, circa 1905

I spent a large chunk of the day revamping the Blogroll and linkage, so you should click around and see what you find. Accidentally erased all my work and then cried for awhile. Been listening to Leslie Feist's Mushaboom for about five hours straight now and it's not helping my mood.

What a blah and nondescript day/week/month/year I'm having here. I may need to develop a dependency on some sort of drug and/or sexual aberration just to kickstart my shit back in gear. In the meantime, finding it a bit more difficult to keep to a workout/diet schedule. Suggestions, exclamations of disgust and exhortations to "Find Jesus" are welcome.

Prolly gone go get my sweat on and then maybe suffer through the last Matrix at the 1.50. Grandma fell last night and hasn't been doing too well.

On a different note, I sure am getting a lot of refers on Dave Elsewhere. You kids like him too, huh?
A healthy second place is the Aqua Teen Hunger Force review, but my FAVORITE refer was THIS one.

A sausage of links, maybe a film recap and less bitching to follow.