Friday, January 09, 2004

That boy just ain't right
Wow. Just got back from the gym with every intention of putting in a good long workout and was playing ball with some high school kids for about two hours (just as an aside, it's awfully embarrassing when those kids smoke your ass like hydroponic...) when I hurt myself fairly badly. Chasing a ball, lowered a shoulder and went straight into a (padded) wall and now it hurts when I move my shoulder down or cough. I'm inclined to guess it's a rear delt problem. Whatever, it hurts like the devil.
Came outside to discover I left the lights on my car on and the battery was dead. That kind of day, I suppose.
One jump start later, I'm going into the shower and would like to discuss a film with you later tonight if the pain stops.
Probably not, tho.