Saturday, February 07, 2004

30: IF a$="yes" GOTO 666

I've got a few reviews and an article or two on the back burner but if I don't see a completely clear "Favorites" list, I'm gonna be nauseous.
Get comfy.


Bobby Neel Adams' Age Maps: (via BOINGBOING)

Bolt City: (via MEMEPOOL)
New "Copper" should be out soon.
The Boobah Zone: This gets better as it gets older, like wine.
Is this shit still on television?
BOOMSELECTION has a copy of the MASSIVE "Raiding the 20th Century" Mashup by Strictly Kev. You should go get it now.
It's the first link. I'll wait for you.
"As he is one who is able to bend gracefully without ever breaking, this Rabbit will have no trouble fitting in anywhere he chooses."
I'm not sure I _want_ to be a wood rabbit.
A while back, MISTERPANTS made reference to the famed mad cat painter Henry Wain. I liked his work so much, I bought the company.
For more insane cats then you can shake a stick at, check out:
The Gallery, Part One
The Gallery, Part Two
The Kitten Book
Psychedelic Cat (from asylum days)
More Evidence

Cheater Cheater, Pumpkin Eater: (via MONKEYFILTER)
Haven't made use of this yet, but it seems priceless.
Scraping the dust off this one:
Guess the Dictator and/or Television Sit-Com Character
"An infant girl died Saturday after surgery to remove a second head..."
Flash Flash Revolution: (via MONKEYFILTER)
Without a pad, I'm not feeling this at all. Incidentally, I finally broke through to the first batch of Standard songs on DDR to score A's and AA's.
I'm getting there.
The many logos of GOOGLE: via IAMGRUM
Gray Kangaroo is a Brita for your vodka.
How to Mosh Like a True Punk: Pretty much spot on. Via Burned by the Sun.
The Bonobo Way:Peace Through Pleasure: Why evolution sucks.
MRPANTS strikes again with this visual jaunt through the 1980's. My recognition level is at about 95%; my nostalgia is neck and neck with my nausea. Incidentally, I hate to say it but I always found the Barbapapas strangely erotic. Or am I sharing too much? Great, now I feel like Garth talking about getting turned on by Bugs Bunny. Forget I said anything.
Speaking of the sexually inappropriate, FLESHBOT led me to the flashstravaganza "Adventures in Bad Pornography".
Just when you think they MUST have run out of ideas for fetishes, I give you GIRLS STUCK IN CARS (via EVERLASTINGBLORT, of course).

more shortly.