Wednesday, February 04, 2004


...and I'm secure enough in my manhood to tell you that.


I had no idea I was such a total wuss until SNARKYMALARKEY went and posted The Baby Panda Project. This pic is absolutely killing me and this Live Panda-Cam is better than Paxil.
Panda up!
In a similar vein, there's the amazing How to Make a Wax Dipped Bear, via MONKEYFILTER. As one of the simian denizens over there aptly noted, it's like some hellish cross between Jean Teasdale and Vincent Price.
GWB2, Tony Blair and the Pope nominated for Nobel Peace Prize:
Sounds like the Onion, but it's the Beeb. Sad, sad, sad.
Sadistic Photos of Drunk Friends
The Body Mouse: Glllk. I'll pass.
Fidget is a stripblog by Matt Abbiss.
This outdated but ambitious Jan Svankmajer fan site is good for hours o' clicky. (via MONKEYFILTER)
Lots of suggestions to check out Bob Mould lately. Tried him and wasn't overwhelmed... maybe I'm getting the wrong stuff? Here's a sop for the four of you who dig him: A Collection of Husker Du Curiosities.
Pointless Stories is a brief mint.
The Surreal Marble Sculpture of Novello Finotti.
More here and here, just in case you have the same navigation issues I had.
Paul Volker's Gallery of 1000 Wild Beasts:
Well, 408 and counting. These are great.
And even better, I found this via a self-referral seeking "frog with a tofu hat".
"(re)Distributions is an exhibit exploring the expressive potential of Handheld Computing (PDAs), Information Appliances like Pagers and Cell Phones, Nomadic technologies like Empedded Processing and Distributed Systems."
Plenty to see and do.
Women Hands On Hips
Images in Practice has three huge winners:
The Visual Language of Number, the priceless Visual Telling of Stories and the Tin Tin-esque Making of Julius Palmboom.
Lots of good comix in that last one, kids. (via MONKEYFILTER)
"Are you sure you want to go to ice cream?" "For sheezy!" : via PISSRESORT.
Charlie Joanne.com is a Realdoll's blog. This might be getting trendy.
Here's some Google madness from over at MONKEYFILTER:

Googobits <--really rather like this one
Googlewhack (This site was briefly a googlewhack for "knockwursts tofu")
Last, but certainly not least, crack the mystery that is Inner Goodle.

I'm assuming 1000 Journals is old news but this boggles my goggle regardless.
UK entrances to Hell. New York is fertile ground for a spinoff.
Also see Rodin's Gates of Hell for something a tetch more rococo.
Oh, inappropriate aside: Iris Cantor is like, totally fucking hot.
In a GMILF kinda way, but still.
Classic comic strip resources online:

Winsor McCay and Little Nemo

Cocino County and Krazy Kat

Bill Watterson:
Hardly classic, but Watterson is probably the last REALLY good syndicated ARTIST there was. He's in the pantheon in my book.

The Official Peanuts Website and The Charles Schultz Complex

R.F. Outcault and The Yellow Kid

Read more about it over at Don Markstein's Toonopedia.

Q: When asked which character Ellen DeGeneres plays in Finding Nemo, what did my mother reply?

A: "The Fish."