Tuesday, February 24, 2004

(to be spoken in a david bowie squeal...)

Man, when the boys over at Fluxblog and Tangmonkey call your name, you know you're big time. Thanks to Matt and Sean, more people have stopped by in the past three days than in the entire month of January. Clearly, I've only needed to BUY your love. Silly me.

It also seems that although two out of three of you are downloading, only about one in a hundred are commenting. Not to sound whiny, but whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

One thing I've noticed in EVERYBODY'S musicblog (mu-blog? blug? mulog? moog? moo? Vote Now!) is that we're all but begging for comments. That's because each post represents something like an hour or more of leafing through tracks and writing and editing and finding info. When I come back to the page at night's end to see if you left me any presents under the tree, Little Jimmy cries when the stockings are empty.

Don't make little Jimmy cry.

Please, if you find something you like, something you hate or just want to tell me that you can smell my c^@t, leave a message under the post or over here to the right where it says "Talk to Me", alright? I ain't too proud to beg.

Alright, now that I've finished crying like a little bitch, I guess I can give up some of that sweet, sweet ear candy.
I know you like it like I serve it up: hot and banjo heavy.


Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band - "Under the Chicken Tree"

Tofuhut is YOUR source for unironic jug band music.

The jug has a distinctive and unused style, no doubt about it. Combined with the spectacylar string work and Earl McDonald's Terrytoon voice, you can't help but want to 23 Skiddoo!

Mostly posting because it's a song about a tree that grows chickens and it's awful hard to go wrong there. This is begging for a flash animation if you ask me.

Chicken Trees (also known as "chinese tallow") are actually imported environmental invaders, like kudzu. Whodathunk it'd be so hard to make a chicken tree go away?
Some historical background on McDonald and Jug Band tradition
More jug band history
Document is sold out of the CD, but here's some more classic jug band discs from Amazon that feature McDonald.


The Stanley Brothers - "Little Birdie"

Speakin' of banjos, here's a doozy fer ya by the Kings of Bluegrass.

Thanks to Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, Ralph Stanley no longer requires introduction. This is him and his brother Carter performing on one of their earliest recorded sessions for the Rich-R-Tone label. Fifty-five years later, Ralph Stanley continues making great music (I loved his 2002 album and will likely post from it later); Carter has died, but this glory of a song still packs a kick.

Lightning in a bottle, forever fresh.

Some Stanley Brothers history and a selected discography

Revenant Records, publisher of this CD, is a music company of great style and taste. Their 150 buck seven disc Charley Patton box set is among the most freakishly ornate and obsessive compilations anyone's ever seen.

In addition to a bunch of other great downloads, Revenant also hosts a pair of great Stanley Bros. tracks. I highly recommend "The Little Glass of Wine". Ralph and Carter wrote a lot of Shakespearean ditties about murder in the name of jealousy or intrigue and this is one of the best.
Order the Rich-R-Tone album from Revenant's recommended e-tailer.

Wade Mainer - "Train Carry My Girl Back Home"

Mainer's vocal and instrumental really does evoke a locomotive.

Though I'm sympathetic to initial cold feet when it comes to traditional old style bluegrass, you gotta take some time and open your heart up to it; it's completely worth it. This is white blues, just as valid and exciting as anything Robert Johnson or Elmore James did.

Here's some background:

MSN biography
A bevy of Mainer recordings for sale
Great photo


A brief caveat as to the veracity of all the music's accompanying links: these are all found using google journalism and, in most cases, I couldn't tell you if the author knows his stuff or not. Read closely, take 'em with a grain of salt, see your doctor for a second opinion and keep looking to the skies.

NB: February 21st's music will be going down tomorrow, so get anything there you want while you can.

I'm gonna take a few days off from downloading myself to listen to the hundred or so songs in my inbox as I'm backlogged to February 20th. Nobody post anything good till Friday, okay?

Hey, we've a pair of test subjects for the free cd mix/review session noted a few posts below and mentioned over at gramophone.
I'm mailing them out today to California and London respectively (I'll have to figure out if I can do this overseas... I'd like to, but postage may be prohibitive). I'm excited to hear from these guys, so listen quickly.