Monday, February 23, 2004

Heppy heppy Monday kids. Here's a big mugga beautiful voices to sweeten the workaday drudgery.

Every song posted here today has spent at least six hours apiece on onetrackrepeat glued to my fuzzy ears; so as you might presume, I recommend them unreservedly.


Gillian Welch - "Dusty Boxcar Walls" (Live)

Gillian Welch is such an exception: cute even though she looks a bit like a brokedown Halloween ornament; popular _and_ critically acclaimed; old timey and anachronistic without a whiff of irony; a California girl who sounds like she grew up midwifin' calves. Bless her heart.

She sounds gorgeous in concert as well, as evidenced on this cover of Eric Andersen's best known piece.

This has never appeared on one of her studio albums, but was a popular song (along with a fine, slow rendition of "Tennessee Stud") during her "Hell Among the Yearlings" tour. Couldn't give you a date and a location, though; there's far too many possibilities. Anybody recognize the origin of this particular version and wanna enlighten me?

The solo guitarist is Welch's longtime collabo and producer (and boy? Not clear.), David Rawlings. Rawlings rips this song up with a fury. The folkpunk solo and the send up build at the end never cease to give me teen anthem goosepimples.

Maybe this person could trade you for a bootleg of the whole show?

Gillian's official site: Clean and easy on the eyes.


Elizabeth Cronin - "Dance to Your Daddy / Cucanandy"

"ah, that; Well thatthat reminded me of something else now too. And it was like this."

Culled from the Alan Lomax field recordings of Irish folk songs. Cronin's voice is a flock of rock doves swooping joyfully on the heath. It makes me want to ask her to make me oatmeal and take me out to the seaside.

The "throw em up up, throw em up, hwey" part is so sweet it makes me dizzy.

This benefits from repeat listening. Toss it on for, oh, maybe an hour and tell me it isn't like listening to starry night crickets.

Purchase the CD from Amazon: A fabulous collection. This isn't even close to the best track on there. Highly recommended for the Celt-Curious who'd like to get back to pre-Pogues roots.

Buy a 300 page book on Cronin, packaged with two CDs (196 songs!!), her entire recording history

A critical review of said book with a lot of information on our lady and her songbook.


Jill Scott and 4Hero - "Another Day"

Featured prominently on two underappreciated albums: Experience: Jill Scott and the breakbeat jazz band 4Hero's Creating Patterns.

Not too much to say on this one, other than I likes it. The lyrics describe far too many of my snoozebutton Tuesdays. Had this been on Scott's first album, it would've been an easy choice for a single: Gap friendly but funky enough to be taken seriously. As it is, I don't know _any_ Americans who've heard this. Is this stuff popular 'crost the pond?

And where IS Jill these days, anyway? I've heard a few guest collabos (notably with Common) but not even a rumble of a new disc. That old Grammy buzz forced a live album out... then what? Come back Jill, I want more!