Tuesday, February 10, 2004


drop by and load up on dirty clothes.
One of the definite highlights of my yesterday was finding THIS shirt in gray for twelve bucks...
...at freakin' TJ Maxx.
TJ Maxx is the home of factory second hip hopwear.
The joint is overrun with Fubu, Wuwear, Outkast, Vokal, AndOne. Go fig.


"'themakeupgallery' is the best photo-gallery on the Web featuring actresses in character and prosthetic makeups."
This is a serious putt-putt loader, but worth it.
Anybody with even a passing interest in either the history of comic books or the world of publishing should read this amazing interview with James Warren: the man, the myth, the legend.
Warren published Eisner, Kurtzman and Frazetta; created Vampirella and Famous Monsters Magazine and is, by all accounts, a crazed lunatic. The guy had Gloria Steinem and Terry Gilliam as office assistants, f'r crissakes. Read.
Nationstates (via MONKEYFILTER) rocks my world.
Create your own nation and torment the poor folk within to your heart's content.
Exploring Fast Food Under the Microscope: (via LINKFILTER)
Strangely beautiful.
Three sets worth of White Stripes Bootlegs: (Thank you BURNEDBYTHESUN)
I must have done something VERY good.
Late to the party, but how can you not help but love Will Hung?
14 minutes and counting, but they're oh so sweet.
101 Cookbooks:"I decided to make a resolution to stop buying cookbooks and start trying new recipes. This is a challenge to myself to cook as many new recipes as possible in the coming months. By writing about the process I hope to document my successes and failures, discover/keep track of new recipes, and hopefully inspire other cooks to find new recipes to enjoy."
Well designed and interesting.
The Bathroom Diaries helps you find the nearest clean public restroom.
A necessary New York City reference.
More Google fun:
The Google Viewer allows you to see Google feedback as a slideshow.
Less fun than it sounds but still worth a whirl.

The Catholic Encyclopedia

Shakespeare Concordium and Shakespeare's Insults

The Original Hip Hop Lyrics Archive

Over 3500 Voice Clips from the Simpsons, Organized by Episode

The Compleat Dictionary of Sexual Practices and Slang

If you find an Atheist in your neighborhood, TELL A PARENT OR PASTOR RIGHT AWAY! You may be moved to try and witness to these poor lost souls yourself, however AVOID TALKING TO THEM!":
I'm not convinced that this is serious but I'm also not convinced that it isn't.
Internet Slutts Cinema: Lifted unceremoniously from MARKMARTIN.
Speaking of part and parcel theft, these links are straight up from SNARKYMALARKEY, but I have -such- a right to post them. One of the nicer girls I know is a dachshund fetishist. She also happens to be a narcoleptic. As such, for Snuffy: Rusty the Narcoleptic Dachshund and the inevitable remix. I've been obsessively watching both of these for two days now.
Totally awesome.
Studio Tanuki, previously mentioned via WEBZEN's excellent Catfish Hotel movie offers a host of strange, french speaking and addictive online anime fun. Check out PinPin Le Lapin, play a frustrating round of Strip Poker (hint: the computer cheats... "hihihihihi!") then take a whirl at this exceedingly difficult to follow Dating Simulator.
Perhaps the French speaking among you can bag a chick; I sure can't.
Naked Protesters:
More interested in prurience than causes. (via BIRIVETS)
Musicplasma claims to show you the degrees of separation between your favorite artist and all others in the world of music.
I'm a bit skeptical, but it's fun to play with.
The Neuroscience Art Galley
Tape Recordings of Ghosts
SRC is the home of the now famous "Let Them Sing It For You", but there's considerably more to it than that. Sniff around.
P-Unit are fucking assholes and I refuse to debase myself with the indignity of linking to them. If I had more of a head of steam, I'd go into detail, but I'm late to the gym and seeing light at the end of four days worth of clicky. If you care to know why these guys burn my biscuits, leave me a note and I'll explain in full in a later post.
On the other hand, here's the Poetry of Tupac.
Some serious Prince influence going on, 'Pac.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, clean.

Man, I needed that.

Something other than clicky next time, eh?