Thursday, March 25, 2004

glisten globally: week two

Scant blather from me this time around as I'm still winded by yesterday's marathon post. Probably a blessing, right?

The links should answer any questions you may have.

All of these tracks are taken from the difficult to find and out-of-print CD "Hamba Notsokolo".

Those of you who are self-styled pop geeks are gonna love this stuff: African diva bubblegum on the classic tip, each one catchier than the next.

Enjoy Dorothy Masuka, Zimbabwe songstress supreme circa 1954.


Dorothy Masuka - "Mama Ngi Niki"

Masuka's Bio courtesy of Afropop Worldwide.

Afropop is a great resource and is absolutely chockfulla audio; look it over.


Dorothy Masuka - "Hamba Notsokolo"

A laudatory Beeb review of Masuka's "The Definitive Collection: The Grand Dame of African Music".

Though this compilation doesn't have everything on "Hamba Notsokolo" it does have a number of more recent songs that "Notsokolo" does not.


Dorothy Masuka - "Mhlaba"

Dorothy's considerable political involvement is touched upon in this 1999 interview:
"(Nelson Mandela) became like a brother and a father to me. But more than that, he has been my guardian angel."


Dorothy Masuka - "Nolishwa"

The African Music Profile for Masuka


Dorothy Masuka - "Norah"

Though long out of print in the states, you can find a copy of "Hamba Notsokolo" (as well as Masuka VINYL) via this Seattle, WA music store.


The MUSICBLOG REVOLUTION sidebar has been updated and I have since found over THIRTY new sites to add on top of what's already there.

Musicblogging is the train to ride these days apparently.

Stay tuned for a wicked big musicblog update; I've been spending most of the night compiling and arranging the new mix CD, which is looking hella fun.

Now don't you wish you had reserved one?