Tuesday, March 02, 2004


What, no jazz yet? Time to rectify that error.

Julian "Cannonball" Adderley was one of the great alto saxophonists of his era. He played alongside Bill Evans, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane on the legendary "Kind of Blue" and the '58 Newport Jazz Festival, as well as sideman for numerous other luminaries including Coleman Hawkins, Milt Jackson, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson and Sarah Vaughn. He is also credited with "discovering" Wes Montgomery and was responsible for producing Chuck Mangione's first album.

Between 1955 and his death in 1975 (six days after my birth!), Cannonball released over fifty albums as frontman for his own band.

Cannonball had excellent range but he is generally best remembered for the gutsy soulful sound which allowed him to crossover to an rnb audience; notably on his biggest hit "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy".

Cannonball is one of my favorite jazz musicians to listen to (I dig th' bop) and these are a few of my favorite cuts.

Cannonball Adderley - "African Waltz"

WOW! If you can't feel this one, check your pulse. Marching music for a new millennium!

Suggestion for listeners who live in New York, Paris, London, etc.: Cue this up for when you exit the subway and walk above ground.
You'll feel like the king or queen of the world.

The blare and stride of this piece are utterly joyous.
This is the attitude I want to have for the rest of my life.

Why this track hasn't been ripped off by some carcoffeemuffler commercial yet escapes me, but score one for the good guys.

Great French Adderley resource page (in English, yet!)
Purchase the "African Waltz" CD from Amazon


Cannonball Adderley - "Work Song (alt. take)"

This piece showcases Adderley's "dirty blues" style in solo and also nicely highlights Cannonball's bandmate (and brother and composer of this track), Nat Adderley on cornet.

Fonky as hell and not afraid of bein' nasty. This bridges part of the gap between modern soul and jazz nicely.

The original take is a little tighter; this one gives the soloists time to stretch out and explore.

Some more info on Nat
Get thee to Amazon and snag the CD


Cannonball Adderley - "Dat Dere"

Coy and drunkenly weaving its way to you at the bar, "Dat Dere" is a smooth talker of ill repute.

Cool, sloppy and catchy as all get out.

Excellent review of this seminal album
Come on; didn't I already _tell_ you to get this CD?
Seriously, it's pretty indispensable jazz. If you have even a passing interest in the field and you dig bop, "Them Dirty Blues" is about as necessary as "Giant Steps" or "Kind of Blue".


Cannonball Adderley - "Azule Serape"

Circa late 1960. I'm thinking an "Azule Serape" is a blue poncho, but Cannonball couldn't tell you.

Cha cha cha; get th' fuck down.

The Hard Bop Homepage offers one hundred suggestions toward building a Bop collection and includes Adderley's '58 Portrait of Cannonball as a top choice.
Hard to argue, the personnel on that one are serious heavy hitters.
This track taken from an excellent live album first issued in 2001 by Blue Note and now available from Amazon.

Hope you liked these, cuz tomorrow you're likely to hear them AGAIN... this time with LYRICS, courtesy of the dulcet stylings of one Oscar Brown, Jr.
Stay tuned.

we like to read

I'm pleasantly surprised to be able to recommend Chelsea Boys by Glen Hanson and Alan Neuwirth. Excellent cartooning and bright writing make this a winner even for my fellow straight comic kids in the audience.

"Gay" comix have sort of an uneven track record as far as I'm concerned; Hothead Paisan (too sloppy) and Dykes to Watch Out For (too Doonesbury) leave me cold.

The aspiring queer cartoon fan could do worse than starting with Chelsea, P. Craig Russell, Roberta Gregory and Howard Cruse.


Bought a few interesting things at the local thrift store: The Oxford Companion to United States History (three bucks!), Dear Mili (Sendak's take on a recently discovered Grimm fairy tale), The Annotated Mother Goose (simply amazing, avidly recommended; I'll undoubtedly be posting quotes in here shortly), Kate Greenaway's Language of Flowers (gorgeous illustrations/cute premise), and a cool little redwhitenblue knit hat that the old lady at the counter said looked adorable on me.

Why is it always the old ones that like me?


I'm badly behind on my many magazine subscriptions and daily NYT fix, but still trying to start Richard Cohen's By the Sword as my next "sit down and focus" book. Will keep you posted, if you give a damn.


It's time to update the blogroll. You'll see more than a few new faces over there on the right and they all deserve a peek.

It occurs to me that almost all bloggers make the error of going to all the trouble of throwing up an elaborate blogroll but then never tell precisely WHY they go to these sites or WHAT they are. I'm gonna take it upon myself to rep up my blogroll over the next week or so by giving a little background on each of the links, by category.

It's getting late, so let's do the boring one first and then hit the meat later.

First and Foremost we have:

Google is, well, Google: 800 lb internet gorilla and maker of blogger. I love these guys. Don't get evil on us, 'k?
Urban Dictionary is where I go if I get confused by these kids with their newfangled slang. Naw, really it's an excellent and constantly reupdating reference source for all sort of chatter. It's the first stop for me if I see an unfamiliar acronym or word online. It's also where I finally got the lowdown on what mung is. Ick.
The Paper of Record is the electronic format NY Times, where I get my daily print news from.
Got Mail? is Hotmail. Get it?
John for President is Mr. Kerry's Wild Ride.
Tofuhut Inc. is giving our endorsement to Mr. Kerry.
Super Tuesday, kids! Go forth and put that man in the White House.
Tell him Tofu sentcha.

Say, that WAS pretty goddamn boring, wasn't it?
Don't worry, the interesting ones are coming up soon.


Speaking of fellow bloggers, here's a few more that have seen the light and are repping the church of tofu: the excellent and eclectic burnedbythesun; Metafilter mimic Metapop; Santesh, who also digs my gym recommended Bit Shifter; So This is Love, who consistently makes me wish I could read Spanish; Something Remarkable, who says we're "great" (you shouldn't have!) and Wisdom Goof.

Oh and Matt at Fluxblog and Keith at T.t.I.K.T.D.A have been downright effusive lately and deserve a little thank you as well.

If you too wish to join the all-encompassing tofu cult, leave a message and there will be a little quid pro quo.

Networking, baby, NETWORKING!


Lots of "angelina jolie's hard nipples" in my refer logs for the past 24 hours.

Goddam preverts.

I wonder if I'll net anything with "elijah woods' dilated pupils"?