Monday, March 15, 2004

This installment of glisten kicks off a two week excursion away from US shores, to hunt down overlooked or undervalued (in America, at least) music from around the world.

glisten globally: week one

I fancy myself something of a savant with Google; coaxing out trivia and unlikely connections with a little boolean tickle is something I do pretty well. As such, it's difficult for me to admit that I have pretty much NO concrete information about today's music. No pictures, no reviews, no links, no "buy it from Amazon", no nothin'. The only link of ANY substance I was able to track down led me to this Japanese oldies station and that wasn't much help.

I'm hoping one of my readers will know (or know someone else who knows) more about this than I do and will get back in touch. Here's what I CAN tell you about Tadaharu Nakano and the Nakano Rhythm Boys:

1: They recorded in the early and mid-1930's in Japan.

2: Their music is not available in the states and they have only a very few scant reissue discs in their country of origin. I couldn't find ANYTHING in print OR for sale. These tracks are culled from the original vinyl (shellac) and as they're pretty much utterly unavailable, I feel unrestricted to give you a broad selection of tunes.

3: This stuff is a strange mix of swing and minstrel influences, filtered through a Japanese perspective. A good number of the tracks I didn't post are originally in German.

4: Tadaharu's tenor voice is virtuosic, if terribly dated.

5: The Nakano Rhythm Boys are one hell of a versatile band; the music goes all over the place.

6: These tracks are a fascinating peek into the globally aware world of the thirties; a Nipponese pop group covering Kentucky bluegrass in a nightclub style.

7: You haven't heard this before, but if you've read this far it seems likely you will today. Give them some patience; they grow on you.

Say 'Konichi Wa' to Tadaharu Nakano and the Nakano Rhythm Boys.


Tadaharu Nakano and the Nakano Rhythm Boys - "Dinah"

Great work from the band, 'specially the trumpet player.


Tadaharu Nakano and the Nakano Rhythm Boys - "When the Sun Says Goodnight to the Mountain"


Tadaharu Nakano and the Nakano Rhythm Boys - "Banjo de Utaeba"

Interpolation of "Way Down Upon the Swanee River" and "Old Suzanna" no extra charge.

What a kooky little track! Translation? Anyone? Please?


Tadaharu Nakano and the Nakano Rhythm Boys - "Haru No Matsuri"

Funky latin vibe.


Tadaharu Nakano and the Nakano Rhythm Boys - "Tiger Rag"

Some funky "human orchestra" and scat influence.

"Wah Ni Tigah! Hmmph!"

Tadaharu Nakano and the Nakano Rhythm Boys - "China Tango"

Makes me feel as if I'm seeing the world through sepia tones.



The next reviewer in line (along with two more) DID get back in touch with me over the weekend, but I've been busy trying to get the next two weeks of glisten together in advance.

This is the same CD as Gardner took on:

As always, the review is unedited; my comments are in italics.

Welcome this week's reviewer: Zia, straight off th' streets of London.


N.B. I have used American spelling (much to my dismay)

OK so in order to really listen to this CD the way it was intended I had to take a trip to the Gym. I asked the manager of the if I could play the CD for everyone to hear, he indulged me but not before announcing it was my selection.

I am deeply gratified to know that I have influenced the workout listening habits of gym habitues in London.

Here's the results....

1. Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean (Japanese PlanitB Remix)
This one started out sounding a bit like a Moodyman track, I was feeling alright about my treadmill run... and then the Japanese lady sticks her oar in and it all goes a bit Pete Tong.
Embarrassment level 7/10.
Moodywho? Petewhat?

2. PJ Harvey - 50 Foot Queenie
Yeah its a song about a woman with a big dick, but hell I'm a woman, I felt good about this, I was strutting around the weights room and just for those 2 and something short minutes I was the biggest man in there. Plus PJ Harvey's always pretty cool.
Embarrassment level 1/10

3. The Frugal Gormets - Satan's Blood
Urmmmm, I could not co-ordinate any part of my body during this song and what with shouts of goddam transvestite maybe people were starting to get the wrong idea about me. People were beginning to leave.
Embarrassment level 9/10
'Satan's Blood' includes the classic lyric, "GODDAMN YOU CHARLES MANSON GODDAMN YOU! A nice pair of panties would go nice with your child murders! You wear a bra and you're proud of it too!"

4.No Doubt - Ex-Girlfriend (psycho-ex mix)
I find most No Doubt music very irritating, but this wasn't too bad and I found it easy to complete a couple of laps on the cycle machine.
Embarrassment level 3/10

5.Fischerspooner - Mega Colon
Gawd Electroclash is so over, that in itself was embarrassing enough in my uber-cool gym. But then, man, it's all about shit, and I really had to go.
Embarrassment level 8/10

6. Lagaan Soundtrack - Chalo Chalo remix
Help was at hand in the form of this, yeah nobody could tell what it was and the fact that there was some Indian singing going on means it must be cool, the UK is currently and has been for the last few years engrossed in western/eastern fusions in popular music, so I'm with it. In fact people looked at me as though they wanted to grab my pod, I was really going for it.
Embarrassment level 2/10 (1 added because me doing exercise just is)

7. Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Angry Inch
Shit, more Trani's. Maybe I shouldn't have done so much strutting earlier, people are studying my arms/hands. I AM A WOMAN dammmit.
Embarrassment level 10/10
"Trani's"? More than meets the eye?

8. NSYNC - Pop
OK some sort of normality resumed!? Sadly people were liking this and one man attempted Justin style moves.
Embarrassment level 8/10 for them not me.

9. Britney Spears - Toxic
Currently sitting at the top of the charts here, I think people think that the CDs changed and some are looking quite relieved. I am personally enjoying a new lease of life and an energizing workout to this.
Embarrassment level 3/10.

10. Wonder woman theme ( Blue Star Panty remix)
At this point i notice a gentleman clad in spandex getting really into it, at least someone's happy in fact everyone has upped their pace. I however stand a little flabbergasted at said gym attendees.
Embarrassment level 6/10.
Oh dear.

11. Strawberry Shortcake - The Strawberry Rap
Ohmygod, where is this from? like a voice from hell strawberry shortcake shrieks her way through a rap!! But I started to get into it, after all there is some funk in there....Starting to wind down, this is a good song not to do that to, argggh that voice.
Embarrassment level 7/10

12. Lion - Transformers Movie Theme
I LOVE transformers, I don't care what the rest of the gym thinks of this or me anymore... I can just rock out, any conventional work out has gone out the window as I fall to my knees and perform the best air guitar solo I have ever done. Wooo yeah. When I come out of my hair rock induced trance everyone has circled me in awe, well actually they are pretty much pissing themselves laughing.
Embarrassment level 0/10 (I don't care)
Sounds like a bad case of hypoglaucemia to me. Get that girl an orange.

13.The Misfits - I am a Giant
AW this is fine no problems at all, after all this just makes me feel even better, my head is getting bigger, this CD is inducing all kinds of illusions of grandeur.
That's my modus operandi, alright.
Embarrassment level 2/10

14. S. K Thoth - Nular In
They're singing about beer, that can't be allowed in a gym, but hell I
don't think anyone else but me realizes. This is creating a frenzied workout, the man in spandex is particularly enjoying it.
Embarrassment level 5/10
"Singing about Beer"? Do you know something I don't?

15. Mark Savage - Do You Think I'm Sexy
Wait a minute I think I've pulled I'm getting the eye from the guy in the spandex. This live funked out version of the Rod 'serial womanizer'
Stewart's hit is causing couple's to copulate all over the place, added
sexiness come from Mark Savage's yelps and screams.
Embarrassment level 6/10

16. Senor Coconut-Beat It
Ah Senor, senor. Everyone's left to cop off with each other, you're too
late for the party mate. What was that? you want to party anyway ... alright amigo you go ahead.
Embarrassment level 4/10

17. The Rose Hill Junior High School Jazz Ensemble-Lady Madonna
It's only me and the man in spandex left, but he's started incorporating 'Jazz hands' into his work out, very wrong. There's some skat going on in this song-no, no. It's my time to leave.
Embarrassment level 8/10.

In conclusion the embarrassment level peaked in the middle with the Trani references, the gym clientele probably think I used to be a man and I have a problem with the 80's, i.e I can't leave them behind. Oh well, I never have to see any of them again.
I dunno, the "jazzhands" guy seemed kinda cute...


Thanks tons, Zia! Feel free to place a request for extra Tofu fun!

We're two reviews behind, so no CD's up for grabs today. Next week, most likely.


'Desperado' performed by Johnny Cash and several chimpanzees
WF4: The Anthropomorphic Flute Playing Robot
with video.
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Michael Arthur: Nice art, great site design
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Interesting, cuz I just got back into vidgames for the moment with Arc the Lad. Not really enjoying it quite yet; it's all too rote and scripted below a fourth grade level. Perhaps I should move on to the next...
Judge Wapner doesn't know the first thing about carpet.
iPod Used In Domestic Homicide
I especially like the ad for the iPod mini below the fold.
"According to law officers, Mathers was hysterical when police arrived and told them that she killed her boyfriend only after he accused her of illegally downloading music and erased about 2,000 of her MP3s. Mathers complained that it took 3 months to build her music collection."
Alright, so MP3's are evil. I was wrong.
and yes, i AM aware they're takin' the piss on this one.
Sound Numbers


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