Saturday, April 03, 2004

glisten globally: week three

Alright, we've wept enough for a day. Let's dance!


Franco and OK Jazz- "Merengue"

Franco is an IMPOSSIBLY stylish and adept guitar player and a cultural icon of the first degree. With over thirty five years of recording history, he is truly one of Africa's all time greats.

This is a fairly early cut from the late fifties that hops around like cracklins on a skillet. Recognize: son got BETTER than this.

I'll be slipping more Franco in the mix afore too long.

Purchase "Originalite: 1957-1959" from Amazon.
Beautiful stuff, but maybe not the BEST way to start with Franco. The always recommendable Rough Guide series should serve a neophyte well.
A brief bio
A fairly comprehensive overview of the career of L' Okanga La Ndju Pene Luambo Lwanzo Makiadi


Sexteto Flores - "Siboney"

After you listen to a bunch more audio clips on the site, you can go purchase the double CD set of Puerto Rican roots music this track hails from, "Lamento Borincano", direct from the publisher.
A pre-translated Spanish bio on Don Pedro Cordova Flowers, leader of the Sexteto Flores.
The Music of Puerto Rico is a fascinating site with copious audio and LOTS of historical data.


Orchestra Baobob - "On Verra Ca!"

Orchestra (or "Orchestre") Baobab has undergone a bit of a renaissance over the past few years, perhaps spurred on by the incredible success of the reunited Buena Vista Social Club.

World music geeks know them less from their recent recordings than from their copious backcatalog of reissues, gorgeous bootylicious stuff all.

I dig their earlier stuff more; your milage may vary.

Purchase "On Verra Ca" (the '92 reissue of the group's '78 recordings) on CD from Amazon.
The official site
Sorta corny looking for a group this funky, but who am I to judge?
A brief bio and some great pics.
A discography, up to 2003


This is the final entry in the Hut's glisten globally series.

Did you like the format, the setup, the commentary, the frequency, the artists chosen?

Less, more, perfect? Anything?

Feedback will determine where I steer the blog in the future, so speak up!


clicky: musicblog

Additional Musicblog Revolution links. All links have now been transferred to the (now utterly overflowing) sidebar.

I've cleaned up and classified the musicblogs for usability; if you're unhappy with your genus or phylum, drop me a line as to where you feel you'd be better served.

The John Peel Collection is an excellent selection of sets by a vast array of artists and also holds another two dozen or so links to OTHER musicblogs.
Here's an oldie but a goodie: The Oddball Auditorium Archive first started posting music back in 1998(!), but hasn't updated in over half a year. Links are still live, so dl some funky vinyl exotica and offbeat songs; there's all manner of don't miss material buried deep in the piles.
Literally HUNDREDS of indie tracks at Two If By Sea Records; if you're gonna buy music, why not get some there? They also traffic in vinyl...
I'm late posting this: Jeff's Cubicle. Not quite my cup of tea, but nice design.
More mix and mash from The Fabulous Fucking Bastard. His "Too Short for a Superchunk" in particular is spectacular.


clickadelica (girl must be a witch)

Apologies in advance: I've been cocooning links lately and have no "VIA" tag to attach. If I've lifted a click from you, thanks in advance. I'll make an effort to be a bit more diligent in tracking my sources in the future.

Also, sorry if the "serve by" date on these next several days of links is somewhat expired. I let them pile up in the back of the fridge so you kids is gonna have to be happy with blue pork roast and green sour cream on your multi-eyed potaters.

YO! MTV Raps videos courtesy of DREAMCHIMNEY.
The Eric B and Rakim in particular brought back pleasant memories.
Radioblogging of various and sundry methodology seems to be the new wave and I can certainly see the appeal: without the download (i.e. "ownership") musicblogging approaches legal imperviousness, barring some serious court actions that are many years down the road.
My argument is that music needs to TRAVEL; iPoddin' has altered how many (me included) listen and interact to music daily.
Music tied to a PC is less and less useful to me.
I do see the pros and cons here; I'm still toying with how I want to play.
As computers get smaller and wifi creeps like kudzu, most of my objections will be moot points soon enough.
Uberhip percussion flash via Rockstar.
"Outkast, Busta Rhymes, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Scarface, Too Short, JT Money and Jamal are some of the rappers who will lend a hand to the forthcoming P-Funk Allstars album, H.L.D.Y.H.T.B.B.Y.A. (How Late Do You Have to Be Before You're Absent)."
Those are tears of joy you see in my eyes.
"T.A.P.o.a.F.O.M" remains an undervalued and overlooked classic that I can't stop lissenen' to. This promises to be something inspired.
Tetris Dreams discusses an effect I've noticed with Doom, DDR and Final Fantasy; wherein sleepytimeREM stories with pixelfun elements work toward IMPROVING your play in the game.
Speaking of DDR: One legged game play.
Son is awesome, but the batman shirt's gotta go.
A post in the "Talk to Me" section alerted me to this variant of the Tuvan style music heard here a few days ago: Inuit Throat Singing.
Janet Klein: cute, playing the ukelele and singing Patience and Prudence.
I'm crushin' bad.
"(I)f they don't kill him, or throw him in jail, he's liable to shake up this whole fuckin' country." -Dick Gregory
A bio page for one of my heroes, the lost tzadikim St. Lenny Bruce.