Friday, April 16, 2004

kiddy glisten: final

The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band - "Roundabout"

Keith: To be perfectly honest, I cannot stand marching bands. I find the whole sound pompous and overly brassified. I love horns, but there needs to be something there to balance 'em. And a couple of flutes whistling in and out just aren't enough. Also, that cheer at the end sounds fake.

Andrew: I don't remember any of my school bands playing this song. Or being this good.

Not familiar with the original, but this is pretty happening. I was a french horn in my high school marching band and I was really pretty bad. I played a bastardized version of a marching french horn, the flugelhorn.

There were a few lasting benefits from my marching band years: better balance/posture and greater ability to conserve and dole out my breath (both of which help in yoga) and a permatight embouchure (which helps in kissing).

Yep, it's 365.
Marching Music Online
Hardly as hip as this, but where else are you gonna find more Sousa than you can shake a baton at?
Roundabout: a Tribute to the Music of Yes


Unknown Marching Band - "Staying Alive"

Keith: I hear a bass line! Which makes me wonder whether this is a marching band at all. Because I'm yet to meet the guitarist that can walk around and play, with an amp strapped to their back.

Andrew: See above. Uh-uh-uh-uh-huh STAYIN' ALIIIIIIIVE!

I think the bass player would be on the sidelines; that's the way most of the bigger marching band schools handled it.

Everybody's just a LIIIIITTLE off and that lethargic trombone solo ain't helping. This is what MY band sounded like.

Clean ending tho'.

No idea where I got this.

"(P)erhaps the gayest film ever made about heterosexuals..."
The aim of the game is to stay alive!
Tres' Choose Your Own Adventure, which you know I like.
Flip the Fire Monkey knows kids, Flip knows fire safety, and Flip knows Staying Alive


Alva T. Stanford Middle School Chorus - "Chinatown"

Keith: Wow. How very racist sounding is that intro? On the whole though, I like this song. Probably the best (Langley excluded) of the "School Segment" of this CD.

Andrew: Man, either these are some of the best middle school bands ever or mine just plain sucked. Great melodies on the singing. I've never heard the original, so I can't really comment on accuracy, but it sounds like the band's having fun, so what the hell. Chiiiiiiinatown! Needs more gong.

This is SO sweeping and accomplished. The choir is just freaking ON.

AGAIN, 365.
I'm getting awful embarrassed here. Hope Otis don't mind my liberal borrowing, but them tracks is so nice.
The Internet Chinese Music Archive
"More inflammation on special offers & ordering"
Oh, come on! That's funny!

Plenty to download on each of those last two links.


Anonymous Young Girls - "Jack, Can I Ride"

Keith: Yay! More Lomaxishness. I don't like this one as much as the other one though. It's sparser, and less energetic than Hopali, which to me is a damn shame. Still, it's not bad by any measure, and it finishes real strong.

Andrew: I prefer the first tune by these girls, but this one's still damn good, and the 'double-time comment' was pretty funny.

The "double time" call is a little obnoxious for my money, a case of ethnographers intruding on their subject's style. Still, that these girls are able to pick up the pace so effectively and professionally is testament to their skill.

Is it just me or is this a prurient song? Bunch of young girls jumping around asking if they "can ride", talking about old folks in bed putting bad thoughts in their heads? Maybe I'm just a filthy minded boy (no doubt), but there's some double meaning goin' on here for my money.

This was later co-opted into the "15 cents to watch the elephants jump over the fence" song; I like it better here, in its dirrrtier original form.

Again, this cut is from the "Deep River of Song: Alabama" album, available from Rounder Records
Clapping Rhymes and Jumprope Jingles
Jump Rope Rhymes


Thanks one more time to Keith and Andrew for helping me on the reviews this time around!

How's this format sit with you guys? Should I try this style of online mix CD again anytime soon? Let me know.



Here's some updated blogroll finds:

If you think _I'M_ obsessive (and I do), check out DJ Martian's page. There's got to be THOUSANDS of links on there.

His favorites list alone is pretty intimidating. Go forth and mine them suckas!
Gutterbreakz writes good review material and also has outspoken opinions on the musicblog life. Check'im out.
StrangeCo's grown up toy lab is frightening, weird and totally megarad.
Lord knows I'm getting jack for Xmas, but this site would be an optimal giftlist.
Ad Age is the place to hear agency wonks talk business on virals, commercials and campaigns. Lotsa video.
"This is not a joke. We are alone and constantly battling for our lives."
Kinja has been kind enough to list the Hut as an editor's choice in the Music category and though it hasn't exactly sent the masses rushing to my door, it's always nice to know somebody likes what you're doing.

Kinja has limitless potential, but since the much ballyhooed launch, I ain't heard nothing from either media or blogosphere.

How useful is this? My Kinja people? Holla if you hear me?
Languagehat, one of everybody's fave Meta- and Monkey-posters has a long running and interesting blog on semantics, grammar and (duh) language.
webzen is currently running a "Geekmusic" post with tons of mp3's and fun links. Go get up on it.
Atlapedia is my new favorite permaresource.
This one's LONG overdue: Art of the Mix lets you post your own mix cd playlists for criticism and curiosity.
Add in some MP3 action and you've got our past week, no?

VERY spiffy

The Musicblog sidebar has been redone and we are now at over 125 links.

If you'll look back to the March 16th entry, you'll see that I bet that there would be double as many musicblog links in two months. Well, it's MORE than doubled since then in half the time I supposed it would and I get the feeling I'm still only scratching the surface.

On an average weekday, you could download at least eight albums worth of interesting tunes just by navigating through those links alone.

If that's not a revolution in the way you can find and listen to new music, I don't know what is.
Shoutouts from the Quality Crowd:

A Free Man In Preston, Jalpuna, The Morning News, Thirsty River and
Friends of Sound.

Danke, gracias, konichi wa and all that rot.
David Bowie is hosting a mashup competition in which he's inviting DJ's to mix his tracks and compete for A NEW CAR!!!!!

... sorry; I got all Rod Roddy there for a minute.
A change is gonna come. Next week even. More explanation on Monday.

Enjoy der veekend.