Monday, May 03, 2004


glisten: oneaday

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Devin the Dude - "I-Hi"

Not many hip hop tracks make their rapper's humiliation the topic, but "I-Hi" is not just any track. The techno drums and serpentine sax paints a cartoon world somewhere between Sesame Street and Fritz the Cat. Devin slides in all Slick Rick greasy and absolutely burns down the walls.

How this cat continues to get slept on by the mainstream baffles me. Great flow, bright lyrics, vicious beats... what do you people want?

Rumour has it that Devin's dropping a double CD in mid or late May; lord knows that in a post- Cee-Lo/Outkast radio friendly world, he's absolutely primed to make a big jump. Here's hoping this'll be the breakthrough.

Buy "Just Tryin' Ta Live" from Amazon.
See, Sasha was feelin' it; why weren't you?
What's up with Devin's bio and shit not showing up on the Rap-A-Lot artist's page?
Get that stuff up, stat!
XZibit Central hosts quite a few XZibit audio files including the Devin/Nas collabo "Some of 'Em".
Worth copping.
The interview.