Tuesday, May 04, 2004


glisten: oneaday

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They Might Be Giants - "Spiralling Shape"

Sleepin' on TMBG is as easy as sleeping on Tim Duncan or Timbaland (to work the "T's"): they're all so astonishingly talented and gifted and effortlessly successful and prolific that you can't help but feel that they're not really trying.

Every album TMBG has put out has at least four good tracks; most of them are great from start to finish. More DIY indie punk than any hundred tattooed, pierced-septum, would-be TRL pop idol dethroners; John and John never quite escaped the "novelty song" geekghetto in the eyes of the music buying public but if they give a fuck they cover their emotions awfully well.

I could just post daily TMBG for the next two years and be quite happy.

This track gets the pick because of its brilliant and Zen friendly lyrical theme, vibraphone breaks, and liberal use of the word "groovy".

"This could lead to excellence... or serious injury."

TMBG is my anti-drug.

Buy "Factory Showroom" direct from TMBG
TMBG's sizzlin' siteLotsa audio and fun stuff. You gotta love these guys.
"Gigantic: A Film About Two Johns"