Saturday, May 29, 2004

Hi there.
So, I've tried hard to maintain a distinct line between the personal and what I share on the blog.
But special circumstances.
After four weeks of new york living, my lunatic once would be roommate has changed the locks on the door.
I called the cops. Turns out she had been talking to them all day. With a good faith agreement, that's all you have to bind you: good faith. I got no rights.
I'm of the opinion that the person in question is deeply mentally unwell and potentially dangerous, tho' I'm worried less for myself and more for my stuff.
As such, I spent some cash on Tel Aviv car service and took everything that wasn't furniture out as quickly as possible.
I'm living in a friends apartment, having dragged all my stuff across town.
God bless my friend for coming to the rescue, as I would otherwise likely have lost everything I owned.
She also has a bustedass ibook that requires a rock to keep it running (don't ask) and an internet connection, although for some reason it won't allow me to log into gmail (where I've forwarded all my mail to these days).
And just before I disconnected my computer and ran it out of crazytown, I discovered that mozilla erased all my links, including some fifty musicblogs I've yet to hype.
It's been a difficult week and that was a little cream for the coffee.
I'm out a month's worth of time and probably 1400 bucks worth of money invested in making myself comfortable, tho' quite a great deal of that is salvagable. In a month, I'll be able to take stock and depending on if this harpy sees fit to give me my deposit back, I should really only be out about five or six hundred dollars. The stress and confusion have been immense, especially as I've taken this week to start a new job. So I deal with this nonsense in the morning, go to work in the afternoon and then head right back over for more fun in the evening.
No music for a little bit; the computer is in multiple pieces right now.
Hopefully in less than a week, I'll be in a position to see about getting going again, but first I have to:
A) finish moving what I can
B) secure this job and start working. It's only waiting tables, but it could be the difference between hope and the abyss.
C) find a new home and put this entire horrible mess behind me.
In the meantime, I recommend you embrace all of the magic that the sidebar has to offer. If you haven't fully explored my copious link collection (and I doubt that you have) you should take advantage of the silence to do so now.
I want to get back asap. This is important to me, tho' I'll be damned if I can concisely explain why and I'm too tired to give the longform answer.
Okay. That's it for now and likely it for a week or so. We'll restart our regularly scheduled programming afore too long.
I hope you're doing better than I am.