Thursday, May 06, 2004

James Brown - "The Old Landmark"

I caught "The Blues Brothers" not that long ago and it holds up awful well, at least partially because of the ultra-high quality of the music. There's John Lee Hooker givin' up the "Awhawhawhawhaw" and Aretha doing my FAVE rendition of "Think" and Ray shakin' ALL ya'lls tailfeathers and this brill bit of JB evangelism. It's enough to make you pretend that fuckin' travesty of a sequel never happened.

The moment under the magnifying glass here has recently undergone a sort of revival, in the form of this LeBron (congrats pal! You lived up to the hype!)/Bernie Mac Nike commercial. That none of the "how-dare-you-paint-james-as-jesus" hullaballoo touched on the obvious homage to "Old Landmark" seems utterly disingenous (or maybe just stupid), but hey; nobody asked me. That's showbiz.

Anyway. Blues Brothers. Best. Chase scene. EVAR, as the kids say.

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