Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Don't spare the excitement kids; we're back on the air!

I've officially touched down and the internet connection is up and running.

Let's celebrate with a CD, what say? First two North Americans to leave an email along with notice that they'd like a mix are gonna find a stuffed P.O. box within the week. (You furriners are welcome as well, but I'm gonna need some help with postage... if you're okay with that, by all means: sign up!)

This go-round, the theme is Filthy Unlabeled CD Kollection, songs that celebrate the word "fuck".

18 and older only, please; 21 if you're planning on drinking while listening.

My plan for the remainder of the week is to allow oneaday days to give way to glisten stew, where I'll serve up heaping bowlfuls of leftovers from the oneaday kitchen.

Of course there's also plenty of catching up to do around and about the musicblog world; plenty of action in those works.

Don't forget to thank Sean for keepin' us afloat in me absence; I certainly won't.

Much news, new musicblog clicky and more tracks on the way tomorrow.