Monday, June 28, 2004

Carl, back in th' day.
glisten freestyle

I'm a bit exhausted and right back off to work AND not all of my spider CD folk have contributed their reviews yet (get to it guys!), so we're gonna do a week of grabbag singles, Fluxblog style.

Must say that I've been happy with these mix CD responses tho'. So let's do another.

The first three to leave an email and intention of interest are gonna get in on the next mix CD, Ain't Got No Gee-tar, a collection of acapellas.


Blind Mamie Forehand and A.C. Forehand - "Honey in the Rock"

Graveyard guitar by A.C. can't quite drown out the sweetchild/oldsoul plea of Blind Mamie. That monotonous front-desk bell! That tender vibrato! The insistent strings!

Once this got hold of me, I couldn't let it go; it's been on repeat all day.

Purchase the astonishing "Goodbye, Babylon" Box direct from Dust to Digital Records
It's an indisputable work of art with over a hundred and thirty tracks and an entire disc of preaching. At a hundred bucks this is certainly no impulse buy, but I must say that it's a beautifully produced and expertly executed overview of a complex genre. While by no means the last word in gospel, this collection will be enough to give anyone food for thought and music for the soul for years to come.
So you say that a Benjamin is a little bit much to ask? Alright, I still think you should save your pennies; but you can also get Mamie and A.C.'s haunting masterpiece on "American Primitive Vol. 1: Raw Pre-War Gospel (1926-36)" available direct from Revenant Records.
The scantest sort of info on the Forehands, via AMG


Carl Perkins - "Movie Magg"

Simple, joyful and heartfelt as hell; this track has been a favorite since childhood. Carl's yelping falsetto, traintrack guitar and cornpone anachronist romance adds up to a good ol' time.

Buy Carl Perkins' "Original Sun Greatest Hits" from Amazon
Rockabilly like it should be done.
Some bio info on a good ol' Tennessee boy
After watching "Mystery Train", I can't help but think of him as "Carl-u Perkin-san".

Great movie.



It's getting redundant hearing me bitch about how hard it is to keep up with new musicblogs, but I _DO_ really want to give a shoutout to a few of the new guys who've very kindly contacted me directly.
Here's some new faces:

Cloud Two offers some homecooked tracks and a few dj cuts.

Scissorkick has been mentioned in passing here before and has earned eternal fealty by posting a handful of obscure ratatat remixes. Lots to see and do and tho' his latest "joy in watching somebody get badly injured" film clip is a tetch repellant to me, his long recent posts on presidential music and rainy day delights are anything but.

Redderrecords gives you free Mogwai remixes.

Lacunae is not just "another goddamn audioblog", to borrow his phrase, but chockfulla intelligent and notablequotable writin'. A daily delight.

And of course, dozens more to come.
I've got a free gmail account for the first person who identifies and droploads a song with the following lyrics:
"Everything is everything; it's all good. In my droptop fleetwood rollin' through the hood.... it ain't nothin' but a chickenwing; shorty do yo' thang."
Please help. We're all counting on you.