Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Another filler post and late as I was up quite literally all night watching (in one sitting, yet) the first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is utterly brilliant. I never got Seinfeld, but this is BEYOND funny.

So why should I be the only one to laugh?


Bill Cosby - "Noah"

Bill's got in a lot of trouble these days with a few clearly heartfelt but astonishingly poorly phrased words and his output for the last twenty years or so has been the acme of mediocre. But in his heyday, boy: that cat could rock the podium!

Here's the definitive Cosby bit.

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Lenny Bruce - "Adolph Hitler and the MCA"

St. Lenny suffers a bit from the passing of time. His schtick ain't quite cutting edge or topical these days and hardly anybody has the patience to stumble through the outdated references. This Hitler bit is reasonably timeless, but your milage may vary.

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Richard Pryor - "Mudbone and the Little Feets"

This is close to the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Pryor is one of the true tzaddikim, no doubt.

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musicblog clicky

Pop (all Love) had prolly the most comprehensive obit tribute collection for Brother Ray and is pimping all manner of offbeat info and songs. It's a helluva neighborhood.
You're gonna find a ton of dropped links but there's still some live action at Bhangra Plus. Looking for DL'able material here should define how you waste time at work for the next four weeks.
Better Propaganda is doing what the rest of us musicbloggers would be doing if we had half a gram of common sense: they're getting paid to distribute free music. On the upside, you can get some free music while they profit. With music for every taste, it's the return of mp3.com; heck, it's win/win!
33 RPM is so goddamn good looking, I thought they were label sponsored. No such luck for them. You'll feel hella lucky exploring their three fold selection: something old, something new and something upcoming. Gorgeous layout and great taste equal happy DLing.