Friday, June 18, 2004

glisten: polyamory

D'Angelo - "Shit Damn Motherfucker (Live)"

Max: Cool! Who knew someone would write a whole funky-ass song based on what I say when I stub my toe?

Amanda: When I was a kid I decided to make up a song utilizing as many bad words as I could think of. Envision a countrified sing along with this one line: We're singing hell, damn, shit. I think D'Angelo does a much better job of stringing three bad words together.

Jake: such a great voice; whatever happened to him anyways?

RW: Have you heard shitsheissemerde on the new !!!? Doesn’t it sort of sound like a bite on this? D’angelo never really leaves too much of an impression on me. I don’t know why. It always seems pretty good at the time but I never find myself trying to listen to it

Ryan: Very cool and soulful. Really nice a smooth, kind of late 70s 80sish, but in a
really good way. Just kind of synthy funky.

Beautiful man. Just beautiful. This was the track that got me into D.

Buy "Live at the Jazz Cafe" from Amazon
Forty bucks for a seven track bootleg import live album and execs blame the flourishing of P2P on kid's ethics?
D's Homepage
Still no news.


Magnetic Fields - "How Fucking Romantic"

Max: Mr. Merritt is the weariest of the world-weary, the bitterest of the bitter. Delicious and short and totally unconnected with real life and how real relationships work (making it that much better).

Amanda: Nice rhythm. I like a song I can snap along to.

Jake: one of my favorite songs from the "69 love songs" box set.

RW: This is a really annoying track. Something about the way his voice is recorded. It’s like super-detailed and super-vague at the same time. Is it supposed to be in a funny signature? It’s god a bad rhythm.

Ryan: Um... ok. Acapella angst. What if you threw a crap poetry slam and no-one
came, but you taped it anyway and then made all your friends listen to it
anyway. Yeah.

The Onion interview below suggests that Merritt was writing three songs a day while making "69 Love Songs".

One assumes this one was a Friday special.

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Indispensible and impressive. This cut is one of the weaker tracks on the album; go give it a spin and a buy.
Stephen Merritt and Sufjan Stevens interview

"MERRITT: (T)here’s nothing inherently good about Peaches. But I really like it.

STEVENS: I liked the first record, with the panties on the front. The way it was recorded, she was right there. And I loved the tone of her voice."

Whoda thunk it?
Recent Onion interview


Belle and Sebastian - "Fuck This Shit"

Max: I was so glad this song has no lyrics. I worship Belle & Sebastian and Stuart Murdoch is my nice guy pop idol. Hearing him make cryptic remarks about sex is one thing (“When she’s on her back she had the knowledge to get her into college…”), but I think I would weep if I heard him actually say the title of this song. I will not allow him to show this kind of anger.

Amanda: It's ok. Pretty.

Jake: love the B&S. every time i hear this song it makes me think of that deone warwick song whose name escapes me. i know you know what i'm talking about.

RW: Sounds sort of like an interpolated moon river in the intro. . . oh and I guess the whole song.

Ryan: This is, just kind of charming. No vocals, just some nice harmonica over a
string background. I can't help but wonder if this is a cover of another song
that I just don't remember or something. But it's cool anway.

I'm not entirely into B&S, tho' "Step Into My Office" is brill, duh.

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Mostly gentle, excepting the excerpts from the film. Brutal, brutal film that; but I really liked it.
The B&S Official Site


Bernie Mac - "Motherfucker"

Max: That’s funny, I don’t remember him saying this on his FOX show. I must have missed that episode. This is unrelated to the topic at hand, but I have a funny story prompted by Bernie’s comment about the lack of black terrorists. A teaching colleague of mine, when discussing the Columbine shootings and bomb threats in high schools in his class, had an African-American girl lay out the difference between the races like this: “That’s the difference between black people and white people—if you make me mad, I am not going to blow up a damn school. I will cut you, but I’m not going to blow shit up.”

Amanda: [insert name] people say the funniest things.

Jake: this guy is hilarious. i wish his show was as funny as his stand-up, but i guess that shit wouldn't fly on network tv.

RW: No comment on this. I’m sure it would be funny if I was in the room.

Ryan: It's a NOUN, it's used to describe a person, place or thing.

Bernie Mac is a sad example of what happens when you take a genuinely funny person and stick them on a network TV show. If they flop, it's generally because they're too dangerous for network (Richard Pryor comes to mind), if they succeed then you get the sort of pap that is the Bernie Mac show. Meh.

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Maxim interview
"Three, four years old, and that was one of the first words I knew: motherfucker."


Black Sheep - "For Doz That Slept"

Max: Well hey, Millie—welcome back!

Amanda: Ooh, very nice. The Millie Jackson symphony has been remixed!

Jake: man, that first black sheep record still holds up and is great.

RW: Ok, so it’s all “full circle” old to new. Thanks, Shempster?

Ryan: You're fucking with me? The remixed #2? They RE-fucking-mixed fucking#2?
That's just fucking hillarious. Better than #2.

As everyone here notes, this is indeed a remix of the Millie Jackson track we heard back in day one.

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Spectacular album. Shame these guys never took off afterwards.
See also the MUCH delayed and forgotten Non-Fiction.


Thanks to all the kids for jumping into the orgy. We should have the Spider CD group ready in a week or so. I'll be back on Monday with new tracks that require no parental advisory.

Have a pleasant weekend.