Thursday, June 17, 2004

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Late night and some blogger glitching means late post.
But fuck it; here we are!

Trey Parker and Matt Stone - "Shut Your Fucking Face, Uncle Fucker"

Max: Sheer genius. I sing this in the car. A lot. Really loud. Okalhoma! is my favorite musical, and the first time I heard this song (especially the last 20 seconds), I thought I must be in musical-theater heaven. (Suck my balls.)

Amanda: This song equally amuses me and grosses me out. I do like the Coplandesque strings that accompany the fart solos.

Jake: well, this is definitely from south park, so the previous track probably wasn't. oh well. i can't watch this show too often, but the film was great.

RW: this is sort of funny.

Ryan: I just wish Robin Williams had done THIS song at the Oscars... If you don't
know what this song is, you're living in a cave and someone is reading this to
you, go away.

The first time I saw the South Park movie it was under duress. My girl at the time was a fan; I wasn't, so I wasn't expecting much.

Needless to say, the moment I heard this song I was pissing myself. Definitely one of the high points of the American musical.

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Peaches - "I Don't Give a Fuck"

Max: This is the kind of thing that ruins the word—every screech drains it of any fun or force or shock.

Amanda: I like the slight pause before she says fuck. I don't give a [beat] fuck. Don't you wonder what the parents of her former music students think of her new career? I do.

Jake: please god no. make her go away.

RW: Peaches doesn’t sound all that convincing here. Definitely not my image of the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. Nice granular synthesis noises at the end though!

Ryan: Boooooooooo yeah! I need to listen to this song about 20 times a day until
I've fully internalized the invalueable life lessons that it has to offer me.

I've really found a hotbed of hate for Peaches and it surprises me. I recently had opportunity to meet Keith over at TtIKtDA and his take on Peaches was that she was an obnoxious over-the-top harpy. He's hardly alone.

The general argument follows RW's line of reasoning, that she's "not convincing" in the same way that a bad RnB crooner sounds like he's going through the motions. I just can't see it; this song fits under my "tracks to break shit too".

Comments from the peanut gallery?

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Rage Against the Machine - "Fuck Tha Police (Live)"

Max: Yeah, fuck tha police for pulling me over in my Ford Taurus and taking away my Urban Outfitters knitted skullcap!

Amanda: You can really hear how rock-rap was inspired by them. This cover was probably novel at the time, wasn't it?

Jake: i'm not even sure what to say about this.

RW: Zach de la roca sounds exactly like Steve Albini on that one Big Black live album. Especially when he says “just something nice and friendly” In fact, this whole track sounds sort of like big black with the huge pounding drum machine replaced with a weak sounding rock drummer. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising.

Ryan: I liked the Jay and Silent Bob version better. *shrug*

The first I ever heard of RAtM was at their Lollapalooza appearance. Their first album hadn't hit yet; they were the second opening act after Babes in Toyland, who sucked. The audience was still filing in around midday and nobody was quite in the mood yet. Rage took the stage; Zack picked up the mike and said "Hi, we're Rage Against the Machine" and they IMMEDIATELY started "Killing in the Name Of". The crowd went spontaneously apeshit and we started banging bodies like prison basketball.

It was great.

I'm well aware that Rage is "Urban Outfitter" punk; they put on a helluva live show and they put their money where their activist hearts are and I've got a soft spot for 'em.

It's a little lame that Zach forgets the lyrics, tho.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate Kevin Smith?

I hate Kevin Smith.

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Dub Narcotic Sound System - "Fuck Shit Up"

Max: This is awesome, and may be Jay-Z’s only competition for best track on the CD. “Make it fucked-up” is a fine and liberating mantra for living life…unless, of course, it’s “Invade Iraq…and make it fucked up.”

Amanda: Nice lo-fi sound. Or is that my computer speakers?

Jake: good ol' calvin johnson. love the halo benders, but can't say i've heard much dub narcotic sound system stuff i've liked.

RW: I remember going to beat happening shows at St. John’s semi-religiously in high school. Dub Narcotic never made much sense to me. The production on this track is so shitty! and not in a good beat happening way. It sort of sounds like my high school’s funk band “chickenhawk.”

Ryan: For some reason, I keep wanting to hear this song being used in an old Batman
TV episode. It's just got that, bat-tootise feel to it. I don't know.

Honestly, this doesn't do much for me; but I could already tell I'd be in the minority.

This track courtesy of the ever-popular FLUXBLOG.

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Any suggestions from fans on where to start?
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Eamon vs. Sinead O'Connor - "Fucking Compares 2 U (DJ Fancy Dan MiX)"

Max: These two slide together so seamlessly that one bootlegger (perhaps even this Fancy Dan person—I don’t remember the name) didn’t even claim to have “mixed” them…he simply “observed” that the two go together nicely with almost no effort. I’m glad this version was included and not the Eamon original, which grates. Plus I’d really like to burn that dumbass hooded sweatshirt he’s always wearing.

Amanda: Interesting. It's just a slight change from the original. The other singer kinda sounds like Sinead.

Jake: this is fantastic. i usually loathe mash-ups, as their done so poorly so often. not so here.

Ryan: So the song starts, and I'm like, ok, it's what's-her-toast. Whoop-d-doo.
Then I think about the title and I'm all like, ooo, I bet this will get better.
and well, it only kind of does. It's still got that whiney mopey feel to it.
I think it would have been better if it was Sinead and Peaches. It even sounds
better to say, seriously, Sinead and peaches. I can even see it, like two
photoshopped big peaches with her bald head inbetween them. Perfect! I'm
sorry, where was I?

RW: Eamon! I saw the video for this the other day. Lots of yelling and throwing pizza on the floor and walking around in a ridiculous velour tracksuit and wallabees on Staten Island. Is that right? Can it really be staten island? But then I heard it on radio and it didn’t sound as bad. This mix is very eye opening for me. I can’t really remember but listening to this it sounds like these two songs are basically the same. Are they actually the same? Both songs seems even more dysfunctional and abusive spliced together. Sad.

This really DOES have a "you-got-your-peanut-butter-in-my-chocolate" feel, don't it?

As a bonus, here's ANOTHER interesting Eamon mashup that I've come to like even more:

Eamon vs. Purify - I Don't Want Your Puppet

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we beg your indulgence

There have been SO many worthwhile musicblogs up on the scene, several of whom have gotten in touch with the Hut, that I get dizzy when I scroll through my new links list.

I'll devote some time over the weekend, introduce you to my forty or fifty new friends and update that sidebar.

Really. Shit done blown up.