Tuesday, June 15, 2004

glisten: polyamory

Liz Phair - "Fuck and Run"

Max: The true classic of the “Fuck” song genre, isn’t it? I’m not sure whether it’s cleverness or accident, but let’s face it: the real shock here is not the F-bomb or the longing for “all that stupid old shit,” but the “Even when I was 12” line. Twelve? I mean, gross! (I saw her in concert once, and she admitted that it sort of creeped her out to hear people screaming their requests for this song.)

Amanda: I remember when this album came out someone on All Things Considered did a piece on the lyrics to this song. The puzzle if I remember correctly was the following: Is it letters and soda or fetters and soda? Hmmm.
Good question. Any Hut readers know the answer?

Jake: probably one of liz phair's best songs. i'm sure i'm not the only person who would say that.

RW: And I was going to an all-boy school in the middle of nowhere and I listened to this record an unhealthy amount. I haven’t heard this song in years. It’s a good song!

Ryan: Now this is a lot more like it. This is a cool song, it's a good captureing of
a real-world sentiment of a moment. It's all about waking up to what you
settled on last night after too much booze, but it's not cruel, it's just human.
It's about getting what you can get when you can't get what you really want.

Liz sounds world weary and in the middle of a dinner of re-reheated Chinese takeout. And "The Swan" is on in the background.

In other words, it's a good song for bad times.

Buy "Exile in Guyville" from Amazon.
Liz caught A LOT of shit for her last album and although I haven't heard the whole thing, what I HAVE heard seems entirely palatable to me. Why all the hate?
Phair's homesite
Sex advice from Liz.


Missy Elliott - "They Don't Wanna Fuck Wit' Me"

Max: A slow grinder—even when Timbaland drops a guest appearance, it’s not my favorite Missy genre (though she can rarely do any wrong in my eyes). I felt more menace in “Lick Shots” when she repeats this song’s title early on. There’s a real song here—unfortunately it doesn’t start until about 2 minutes in.

Ryan: I like the Ms. E. She wraps like she's languishing. Plus this song has some
very weird background sounds, like someone's trying to do a vocal rendition of
the sounds of a Galga video game. It's just familiar enough to stick in the

Amanda: She is so damn good at making music.

Jake: a good missy song. not a great one. love timbaland's little part.

RW: Hey, another good track.

It's strange how Missy appeals to EVERYONE: whether your favorite artist is Coldplay, Nas or the Dixie Chicks, you gotta show th' girl some love.

Blizzy blah blah blah zay, blizzy zah zah zah zay.

Buy "Supa Dupa Fly" from Amazon
Missy's first and probably best album; Timbo's production is only sounding better and more influential over the years. Astonishingly little filler for a freshman hip hop album; even Busta's in- and outro's are fairly well done.
Missy's official site
Michael Musto's Missy interview and a radio interview with a flu-y Missy.


Fischerspooner - "Fucker"

Max: Yawn. Don’t call a song “Fucker” if you ain’t gonna say the word, fucker.

Amanda: I can't stand Fischerspooner. No reason other than complete prejudice on my part.

Jake: ugh. i'm glad this stuff isn't going to be "cool" anymore soon.

RW: This is actually the first time I actually heard fischerspooner. A friend of mine dances for them but I never went out of my way to actually hear their music! I’ve only ever thought of them as the fake band with the costumes. I like this track! There’s a lot of sloppy timing in a good way.

Ryan: I like stereo effects, and the FS has got em'. There's nothing like a track
that screams, LISTEN WITH BOTH EARS ASSHOLE! It's a nice driving trance/techno. With just a hint of vocals.

I _like_ Fischerspooner, but then I never read or heard about them. I just got the album. Is there something unpleasant going on that I'm not aware of?

Buy "#1" from Amazon
Clearly a love it or hate it proposition, but I likes it.
The FS official site
Fuck You Casey Spooner offers loads of music.


Tupac Shakur - "Fuck 'Em All"

Ryan: "That's right bitch, fuck 'em all!" hey. It's Tupac, it's a classic man.

Max: This is more like it — brings me back to my elementary school days, when I was instantly afraid of anyone who would say the word out loud. I mean, if they’ll say something so horribly dirty, you just know they’ll beat the shit out of you with no provocation, right?

Amanda: Once again, it's me. I know it's damn near blasphemy to not like him.

Jake: great song; who's rapping on this with him?
That would be the Outlawz.
Once the music for that site hears, you'll hear ANOTHER fuck song. Kismet?

RW: Is that an eye of the tiger sample? Similar to Beck, I could never really understand the Tupac. His production usually sounds really muddy. “middle finger affair?” I can’t really connect with the sentiment on this track either. He seems much too relaxed for “let ‘em die, fuck ‘em all.”

Tupac's vicious side comes out like crazy. "Notorious Biggie killer" is a little distasteful in the ugly aftermath but it's hard to argue that this track ain't bangin'.

I set up silverware in restaurants while listening to this. Think before you ask me for more water, cuz I might go buckasswild.

I'm so sad.

Buy the double Disc "Better Dayz" from Amazon
It's been said before, but 'Pac is continuing to release better music as a dead man than most are while they're still above ground.
Probably no artist has as many fansites as Tupac. You can find autopsy photos, news, lyrics, bios, poetry (by and about), portraits, discographies galore and all manner of ephemera without hardly trying. You can assume that any site with longstanding audio archives is gonna get bombed in a heartbeat, so don't expect to find many dl's. For the sake of argument, you might consider starting at Tupac Fans.
'Pac fans should be aware of the history of his namesake.


Ol' Dirty Bastard - "You Don't Want to Fuck With Me"

Max: How sweet of him to clarify his stance at the beginning—women are still free to fuck him, but they just can’t fuck with him. The strangulated chorus begs all of the suburban white kids to sing along! Almost as good as his best-ever line (which also involves the word du jour): “I don’t have no trouble with you fuckin’ me, but I have a little problem with you not fuckin me.” The man is a master of the form.

Amanda: Is he no longer going by the name Big Baby Jesus?
I think it's Dirt McGirt these days, but why split hairs?

Jake: i would start chanting "free ODB" but i guess he's out now. i love this dude.

RW: Doesn’t Ol’ dirty sound like he’s in a different room than the track here? Except for that ridiculous snare pre-set that’s way up front! Definitely not the best ODB track but it conveys the sentiment “you don’t want to fuck with me” adequately.

Ryan: ODB, living proof that you don't need to know how to sing to make music. I can take or leave this track. It's just not as there at Tupac, it's almost rap formulaic.

Couldn't disagree more, Ryan. Dirty is about as UNformulaic as they come.

"I'm the cunt-breathed asshole eater and if you let me physically eat it, it only gets }}BELLLCH((("

I'm in awe.

Buy "Nigga Please" from Amazon
An astonishingly bizarre but brilliant salvo fired from the iconoclastic icon of hip hop anarchy.
That Chris Rock is all over this album only makes it weirder.
ODB's Wu Page
The ODB quote generator


musicblog clicky

We're rushing towards maximum density when it comes to musicblogging. Sleeves rolled up and teeth gritted, I'm jumping back into the fray.

Stop me if you heard this one:

I met Henock Temesgen a few nights ago when he stopped by my new apartment; my Ethiopian roommate is apparently somewhat connected to the music scene. Henock's a bass player and after he shuffled through some of my music, he threw on a CD of his work with Admas Band.
I found it to be friendly, enjoyably funky world jazz that was loads of fun. Stop by the band's homepage for plenty of sound samples and maybe pick up an album.

Henock was joined by his friend Teodross Avery who tossed on a copy of HIS album, "New Day, New Groove". Great stuff, with cameos by Common and Ursula Rucker. IUMA is streaming clips of the album, but both of these guys will likely get some play in the Hut next week or so.
"Womenfolk focuses predominantly on women in music. There are many talented ones out there and they need to be heard. Every once in awhile, I may break the rules and spotlight a few men people should be listening to as well."
Liz Phair, Beth Lisick and Sam Phillips so far. The design and the writing are admirable and the idea is a great one. Definitely a regular checkback spot.
Lost Bands of the New Wave Era celebrates "artists who have appeared on a major label and released on a minor label between 1978 and 1985."
Couldn't be much less my forte, so I'm curious to look about a bit and see what grows on me.
I'm Losing My Edge is TtIKtD eclectic with the Fu-Gees and Bjork sharing front page space with Cat Power.
Silence is a Rhythm Too couldn't be more all over the place and content laden. Faves list f'sho.