Monday, July 05, 2004

anywhere he wants to
glisten: ookity ook

For those that don't know, my home away from home on the web is monkeyfilter: the kinder, gentler Meta. It's where I post offbeat links and just generally indulge in silliness that I wouldn't saddle my own blog with.

In honor of MoFi, I'm gonna put the spider tracks on hold for awhile and do a week of monkey songs. I was gonna make a mix CD when I realized that I just felt like throwing this up, so here we are.

The spider CD is very much forthcoming; I just need to get that last review in the mail and do some link research. In the meantime, dig the monkeyshines!


Jimmy Edwards and Dick Bentley - "Little Red Monkey"

Now is this catchy or is this catchy? It'll make you jumpy, get you acting so fidgety.

You know... for kids!

Check the animation!
But where did this come from?
The red monkey gallery


Redman - "Let da Monkey Out"

Not my favorite track off this album, but a definite high point.

I like Red best when he's in storytelling mode, but there's no doubt that the guy is a fun listen in any circumstances.

Buy "Doc's Da Name 2000"
Really, a fun album.
For better or worse, broke Red into the mainstream with "Bee Dat".
Redman's home on the web
Fox TV’s Method Man and Red Show: Hip Hop Minstrelsy
The New Yorker wasn't so hard on it, but I can only imagine this is pretty weak. They can't do pot jokes on network, right? So what the hell can they be talking about?


Major Lance - "The Monkey Time"

I feel like I might have posted this once before? Oh well, it merits a second listening.

Get "The Very Best of Major Lance" from Amazon
A bio with a bonus RA track
Okeh Discography


AmIEvil - "Monkey Island (AmIEvil OCReMix)

The Monkey Island series was my high school addiction. They don't make em' like that anymore.

Overclocked ReMix is THE place for video game remixes.
Loads of Monkey Island MP3s
ooooo... original MIDI tracks!
Nostalgia out th' wazoo!



The idea for doing a week of monkey posts occurred while I was listening to the GREAT new release from Goodie Mob "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show".

I highly recommend you drop by Goodie Mob's official page and listen to the three tracks they have posted. I really like what all these guys have been doing solo and I wish Cee-Lo well, but this album suggests they haven't lost a step. It's great lyrically, the flow is badass and the beats are baby buggy bouncy. Go listen and go buy!