Wednesday, July 21, 2004

arachnaglisten: Spider CD 8

19. UCA Marching Band - "Spider"

Tuwa: Skillful at what it does, but uh, well, I won't trot out that old joke about military music. Even Sousa doesn't do it for me.

Mason: super sweet drumline action. this is spider related?

Unless I'm mistaken, "Spider" is a well-known marching band drum cadence. I personally remember hearing this echo from many a high school halftime as the kids took the field.

The United States Air Force musicbase offers a healthy collection of marching music.
UCA's complete 2001 season.
Buy a pretty spider drum.


20. Lee Perry and the Upsetters - "Eight for Eight"

Tuwa: Lee "Scratch" Perry. A genius at his work. I'm sure he's gone wrong somewhere but I haven't heard it yet.

Brian: Ce'Cile would have been better off using this.

Mason: okay, i'd allow this to be wordless if it were a tv theme. i'd want it to be my tv theme.

Buy the Trojan Upsetters Box set.
The price is nice and the tunes are ace. Should keep you steady rockin' for the foreseeable future.
Eternal Thunder provides a glimpse into the mind of Lee Perry. Wash up afterwards.
The Upsetters Riddim Shower


21. The Wurzels - "There's a Spider in the Bathtub"

Tuwa: Cute. "You know, for kids."

Brian: Never heard of the Wurzels (and Adge Cutler), but I feel I should have even if I don't usually like "cheerful" English folk (songs).
Folk songs are supposed to be about drinking and murder, but this will do.

Mason: finally, a song about my living quarters.

These guys are TOO cute, aren't they? Unknown in America, the Wurzels are UK Doc. Demento with a hayseed hanging out the side of the mouth. Evokes a bit of "Belleville" for my money, but anything folksy with an accordion does that for me these days.

This track comes from the Wurzel's album, "Golden Delicious" which is NOT going to be commercially available anytime soon. You COULD get a cd from CDBBQ, but at sixtyseven bucks, you'd be a little nutty.


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