Friday, July 09, 2004

artwork courtesy Kyle. Kyle is rad, yo.
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Chuck Berry - "Too Much Monkey Business"

If I live to be a hundred and nine and I hear this, I swear to god I will hop up out that old hoverchair and shake my pasty white ass like a bonobo. BeLIEVE that.

Who _can't_ empathize with Chuck when he hollas out: "too much botheration, get away and leave me be"? That little "aaaaahhh!" he trails off every verse with shakes me to my soul and my hiphop heads gotta admit that Berry got some smooth flow, no?

Buy "The Great 28" from Amazon
When compiling desert island discs, this is a pretty difficult choice to argue. If, by some sad state of affairs you have found yourself in the position of having lived your life up until now without properly engaging Mr. Berry's catalog... well, life is short and you might well be hit by a truck tomorrow.
Don't delay.
Chuck's official site
A collectors guide to the music of Chuck Berry


Peter Gabriel - "Shock the Monkey" (Extended German Remix)

Absolutely NO idea how I came about this track. Gabriel fans tend toward the Prince like excesses that I admitted to in earlier installments; I imagine this will please somebody somewhere greatly.

It's also the longest remix of this track I've ever heard, notable in that it doesn't have the famous "shock the monkey tonight" terminus. Gabriel's tracks slip in and out of German; I'd love a rough translation of the new lines. Any of my Germanic peeps wanna lend a dictionary?

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Just listening to this sillyass remix made me wanna take this back down from the shelf and give it a spin. There's some nice tracks on there: "San Jacinto", "Rhythm of the Heat", "I Have the Touch". I suppose it's vaguely hip to dis Pete Gabriel these days as a tool, but I gotta say that "Up" was in heavy rotation in my neck of the woods for quite awhile. It's not like he's Phil Collins for christsakes.
Gabriel has LONG been an online afficianado and I've been remiss in not including the RealWorld homepage in my blogroll.
A diary of the arduous making of "Up"


The Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle - "Apes Shuffle"

Funky, absurd and curious; this remake of the "Planet of the Apes" theme is anything but boring.

Damn dirty apes!

This track shamelessly lifted from the now immortal 365 Days (last song on this entry).
More on Jeff Wayne
Buy Lalo Schifrin's original version of the "Planet of the Apes" TV show theme on this jazzyfatnasty collection "Most Wanted" from Dusty Groove.


Willie Dixon - "Signifying Monkey"

I've discussed Dixon on this page afore; he's a wonder and a half.

Buy the Willie Dixon Chess Box Set from Amazon
It's a great way to get acquainted with a lost legend. This track not included.
Some RealMedia Willie tracks on this fansite
A brief Willie Dixon bio
A fascinating life. It's a real shame that he isn't better known and acclaimed by music cognoscenti.


I'll try to spiffy a bit over the weekend and let you know what's been doing.

"Lots" is the short answer, but more info forthcoming.