Monday, July 19, 2004

Beware the deadly toilet spider (love that url)!

arachnaglisten: spider CD 6

15. TLC vs. The Cure - "No Lullaby (Ultra 396 Remix)"

Tuwa: This one has an easy laid-back feel to it; the vocal and instrumental rhythms work together and the harmonies aren't stepping on each other's feet. And the remix used the version off _Mixed Up_, which is tip-top Cure.

Brian: A pretty little spider. An improvement over TLC, but what else could it be.

Mason: mash up? this is a reeeeaal stretch. well done though.

So if a "scrub is a guy who can't get no love from me," pretty much ALL men are scrubs by this definition, right? Because only a VERY select group are gettin' nookie from T-Boz and Chilli and NOBODY'S getting with Left Eye.

This always bothered me. I'm easily bothered. Obviously.

Ultra 396's home on the net.
Plenty of mash to go with the corn.
Kind of a scrubby idea if you ask me.
The Cure's official site features some fairly disconcerting animation.
Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby merits a read. Getting a little tired of his one trick pony, tho'. And that site's a bitch to navigate.


16. Henry Mancini - "Tarantula"

Mason: yum yum. trantula music eats some people up alive. this would be great music to run to. fill your ipod with scary music and pretend monsters are chasing you.

Tuwa: Seems like music from a B movie (that's not necessarily a bad thing--Mancini's work on Touch of Evil was great). Uh, so what's the movie?

Brian: Father of Fantomas and good for you too.

Tuwa's comments about Mancini are dead on.

My labeling of this track is somewhat inaccurate. It's a little hard to explain how Dick Jacobs is attached on this track; why not read here for the full story? Also stop by here to learn more about the film and the soundtrack.

Buy "Themes from Classic Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films" from Amazon.
It includes this track but in a much different format.
The Henry Mancini Page
A great place to go if you positively HAVE to hear Peter Gunn RIGHT NOW.
Bellybongo is currently offering a bunch of Dick Jacobs track for DL.
Swindon=Tarantula Central?


Over FIFTY new musicblogs listed to the right under "Musical Newbies". A few of the most interesting ones are capitalized and I'm especially excited about these:

I'm ashamed that it took me so long to unearth #1 Songs In Heaven. It's old school soul and rnb which is where my heart lives, but cat is having issues with bandwidth. Here's hoping it's resolved shortly; I'm consistently chuffed about what shows up over there. And hey, explore around his extended site, Pop Heaven. The desktops alone merit the peek.
Ditties for the Party is the long awaited musicblog of the inimitable markmartin and went from zero to indispensible faster than anything since Netflix. Much excitement over there; do make sure to wash your hands afterwards.
Audiobooks for Free requires a lot of hoop jumping and link clicking, plus the free stuff's sound quality is pretty bad; BUT it IS a pretty vast collection and the tracks are just barely listenable. I've had Spencer's "The Faerie Queen" playing as I go to sleep for the past few nights and I feel smarter (and more valiant) every day.
Quiet American offers downloadable chunks of calm life. Perfect to playlist for times when you absolutely positively need to get your head in some sort of zen space.
Oh shit, Spizzazzz is on the scene with a DLable remix Summer. This makes me real happy.


Here's what I bought recently: Ice Cube's "The Predator", Little Richard's "Get Down With It: The Okeh Sessions", Das EFX "Straight Up Sewaside", Busta Rhymes "Extinction Level Event" and "Anarchy" and the new Devin the Dude "To Tha' Xtreme".

Grand total? Twenty five bucks. I have a new rekkid store nearby that I'm lovin'; no doubt.

I've only just cracked one of these: Devin's. It's beautiful. "Just Tryin' Ta Live" is on my Top 50 alltime and this one is inching in after only a dozen listens or so. I'll throw some up over on MfRobots just as soon as those guys give me the key to the Palace. In the meantime, you should go cop that; it's spectacular.
Here's what I watched recently: The Office (both seasons), Knife in the Water and The Fog of War; all of them heartily recommended with The Office moving into a special pantheon reserved for moments of brilliance. Drop everything and queue it up NOW.

And hey, I hate to be an Indian giver, but don't click on those "Office" links until you've seen the episodes. Spoilers galore and it's a series that really thrives on you knowing as little as possible prior to seeing it.


Here's two new visions of the Hut redesigned, both VERY MUCH in progress:

This one is from Andy and this one is from Peter.

Whatyall think? Let 'em know.