Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Dokaka Logo

We DO have our three entries for the Drunk CD. I'll be in touch soon.

I'm headed out of town for the next few days to help my father at a record show in Jersey. I'll see you back here on Monday.

glisten: Acap' CD 3

7: Dokaka - "Songs in the Key of Life Medley"

Adam - My oh my, that Dokaka is crazy. I heard over at Fluxblog (I think) that he's hooking up with Bjork in a future project. Project... Insanity! Hopefully, the finished product will be as bizarre as I imagine. Also to note, this one sounds very Cosby-esque to me.

Spencer - I can't deny the talent & hard work behind this track but good lord, this sounds like a hundred crazed pee-wee elves trying to imitate department store muzak.

Kevin - Wow. This makes me REALLY concerned about the new Bjork record. I've never had much patience for novelty records, but this is painful. I guess some people said Matmos was a novelty act too before Vespertine, so maybe there's hope.

You can't buy Dokaka yet, but if you're willing to jump through a few hoops to sign up for their free service, you can download dozens of tracks at Soundclick.


8: The Fairfield Four - "Jesus Met the Woman at the Well"

Adam - Hooray for the Fairfield Four and Tofu Hut for introducing them to me and CENSORED's dad for introducing them to him. Sometimes I wish I felt that strongly about Jesus that it'd propel me to sing that well.

Spencer - Up til now, I had only heard the Nick Cave version of this song from his covers record. I'm surprised that his stands so well up against this one. And I'm surprised that a song about Jesus calling some broad's bluff is so magnetic. Everytime I hear it I wanna sing along & wave my finger like Mick Jagger for the "woman, you've have five husbands" line.

Kevin - The Fairfield Four actually have 5 members! Clear close harmonies, and a nice sincere arrangement of this old hymn.

This is an import, part of the astonishing Japanese P-Vine catalog, but you can buy a copy of "Standing in the Safety Zone" (not to be confused with the MUCH later Warner Bros. Recordings) from Roots and Rhythm Music for twenty four bucks. I think that's an outrageous price for a CD; for this disc, it's probably worth it.