Friday, July 23, 2004

he's rollin', car not stolen, prolly never will be: it's much too old

Presuming I get it all in order, we'll start up on the Acapella CD next week; you get a batch of filler today. Don't cry; this ain't just your average mid-season replacement. Nothing but gems.

glisten randomly

Devin the Dude - "She Was Gone"

The new album is really a blue ribbon prize, but one of the ways I'm enjoying seeing Devin's music develop is in his continuing willingness to play the fool. Sure, there's a heavy dose of misogyny but Devin catches the shaft as often as the ladies on his disc; how many rappers do you know that would open a track by crying hysterically over their woman leaving?

Devin doesn't get the girl; he gets scammed and hurt and doesn't even get the last word on his own song. "She Was Gone" strikes me as a wonderful answer track to Isley's "Busted"; sometimes the man don't win. This is modern blues done dirty and right.

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Yeah, the choice of title is idiotic, but 90% of this is shining. "Too Cute" is a sweet little radio friendly ballad, "Motha" is an incredible weed anthem, "Freak and "Come On Come" are nasty in that very gutta-style Devin does so well and "Anythang", "Don't Go", "Right Now" (which I had pulled out of the P2P ether over a year ago) and the title track are some serious smoky honey.
The absolute lack of hype is making me break out in hives. Devin is VERY deserving of a breakout hit or three and I think it's past time. Enough of this motherfucker guesting and picking up the chorus on everybody else's album. Let's send this sucker up the charts already! Go buy and spread the word!
The interview and the other interview and the other interview.
Is Devin touring with this album? Somebody please let me know if he's coming to NYC; I'd love to see him live.


Gato Barbieri - "La Podrida"

Gato is an Argentinian music lifer who made his greatest impact on the scene with "The Last Tango in Paris" soundtrack. I like him best when he's BLARING full-bore, as on this sample track.

Just a little something to get you through the Friday.

Buy "Gato Barbieri's Finest Hour" from Amazon.
This is a healthy mixed bag of Gato, some spacey, some easier listening. You'll be bored and enthralled most likely.
Gato's home on the internet
A nice fansite with an excellent discography