Tuesday, July 06, 2004

no more mister nice monkey
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glisten: ookity ook

Three songs with the same refrain.

Could they be any more different?


Joe Tex - "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show"

Preachin', disarming and silly; this does all the things that Joe Tex does right.

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One of the few funny soulsters.
The Joe Tex album guide courtesy of roctober
Minister Joseph X?


Gillian Welch - "One Monkey"

This came on while I was having dinner with a friend and after five minutes of the same refrain, we had to agree: one monkey don't stop the show.

That's a persistent monkey there, tho'.

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Gillian's at the Bowery next Wednesday, I'm gonna try to go catch her.
Having never seen her live, I'm fairly excited.
With Nelly McKay this Wednesday, the Streets last Wednesday, Gillian next Wednesday; I'm thinking maybe I should just make it my weekly live music day.
The inevitable NPR interview
The "Timbaland or Timberlake?" link that's been floating about is, indeed, a sad state of affairs for the calcium encrusted institution that is NPR; but did anybody really think that the moms and dads of liberal america are REALLY ready for MF Doom on the drive home?


Goodie Mob - "One Monkey"

Tight as a drum and bouncing like a superball, G. MOb's new album is chock fulla classics.

This one's not even one of my favorites and it still holds up well.

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Obviously, I have nada but amor for this papa.
Go forth and buy and run this sucka up the charts.
Current, if brief, interview
The official site.



Somebody get me a copy, eh?
Speaking of which, please note A): the new sidebar Amazon wishlist ("Get me stuff") and B): my upcoming birthday.

Alms for the poor please. Don't make me pimp myself out to AdWords.