Thursday, July 15, 2004

Spider Identification

arachnaglisten: Spider CD 4

11. Ramones - "Spider Man"

Tuwa: The Ramones. Gotta love them: fun, punkish, concise.

Brian: The only thing that might make Spiderman cooler.

Mason: another inevitable. i thought this was pretty badass in highschool, now it sounds kinda tame. i seem to recall a pretty cool video for it though. my roommate just made me play this song twice.

We live to make your roommate demand you replay our tracks. We have succeeded.

This track doesn't really need any explanation, does it?

Buy "Adios Amigos" from Amazon.
Late Ramones doesn't really turn my crank.
You could also get Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits but boy will your hipster quotient go down the toilet.
The Ramones Official Website is pretty impressively designed... except for the damn popup music!
Listen up web developers: we don't always want to have what we're already listening to interrupted, you dig? Cut that shit out!
The Complete Ramones Guitar Tab Compilation


12. Joan Osborne - "Spider Web"

Tuwa: Annoying. I googled this one, and found something saying Joan Osborne was inspired by Bessie Smith. I'd bet that Bessie Smith's "Spider Man Blues" (pre-Spider-Man, natch) is much better.

Brian: I dreamed about Ray Charles too, and he was the president. My dream was better than Joan's.

Mason: hmmm... what's this then? i don't like this either. a timely ray charles reference. haha, a very funny ray charles reference, but then i guess i have a morbid sense of humor. song too long. blech.

I made this CD well before Brother Ray passed on; listening to this track now is a little disquieting and considerably more poignant. I'm hardly a fan of Osborne's but this strikes me as a pretty nice cut.

Buy "Relish" from Amazon.
I will openly admit that I don't know a thing about this album. Prince seems to think she's cool, so she's got that going for her.
This well maintained fansite comes with plenty of music and more info than you could swing a stick at. or a cat. Or a sticky cat.
A hella long interview with Osborne about (among other things) her involvement with the E-Zine Heroine.
Heroine is worth dropping by, if only for the Kim Gordon (of Sonic Youth)/Suzanne Vega interview. Tres neat.