Tuesday, July 20, 2004


arachnaglisten: Spider CD 7

17. TV Theme - "Spider Man and His Amazing Friends"

Tuwa: I remember this one too. Iceman going around on that ice bridge that never needed pillars to hold it up. The narrator ruins it for me, though--I could see chopping up the music and looping it for samples.

Brian: The theme is not an improvement over the original, and the show wasn't either.

Mason: how come i don't have friends like iceman and firestar? they sound like really handy blokes to have around.


As with almost ALL the Saturday morning cartoons of my youth, this has some really jammin' music that I can listen to on repeat for an hour in the same way that you can eat chocolate frosting and not get sick until the can is empty. Really though, this NEEDS some remixing. Anybody?

I also recall being somewhat pleasantly disturbed by Firestar's skintight bodysuit. Some shudders of puberty there.

Buy "Spider Man and his Amazing Friends: A Firestar is Born Vol 2 - Spider-Man Joins Forces with the X-men"... on VHS, even!
Could I interest you in an obsessively detailed fansite?
Firestar and Iceman, courtesy of Marvel Directory.

I only just recently gave away all my Directory to the Marvel Universe collections, so this is a godsend of a reference source.
Sub-Zero, the Iceman Fanlisting, Ice Pansy, the Iceman Hatelisting, Fire and Ice, the Pyro and Iceman Fanlisting, Iceman VS. Pyro, "the only approved fanlisting for the rivalry between Iceman and Pyro", "No Need for Iceman" and Serenity's X-Men Fiction with special attention paid to Bobby Drake (careful with that last link; it's mostly slash).

The internet is scary, ya'll. Wear a condom.


18. They Might Be Giants - "Spider"

Tuwa: This one made me laugh.

Brian: An example of TMBG controlling all things good in the universe.


A perfect fifty seconds.

You didn't really think there was a chance in hell this wasn't going to make the cut, did you?
TMBG is spectacular, prolific geekcore of the highest degree and one of my favorite bands in the world.

Buy "Apollo 18" direct from the artists!
TMBG's amazing home page is virtually overflowing with neato-keen stuff and free music!
This video of 'Experimental Film' off the new album The Spine is utterly Homestarrific!
Dial-a-Song is finally online.

I love "Monsters of Mud".


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