Monday, August 23, 2004

glisten: Blue CD 6

11. Heavy D & the Boyz - "Blue Funk"

Juan - Liked it better the second time around. Still, not my thing.

Brian - I never, never, never get tired of this drumbeat. Not quite funky drummer…but it kills. Teaching the Roots some lessons. Not sure when this came out in relation to Gang Starr/Jazzmatazz, but I like this better. You got a white boy saying “Heavy kicks it don’t he?” Great jazz horn samples (I’m guessing). Blue neon lites spin, blue haze. I haven’t put my chair down yet.

Rob - What he does is pretty good. Old school beats with a style that doesn't really distinguish itself . Still, the bag of blue funk is kind of catchy.

Pastor - If it will make me feel like I did while listening to this, I want a bag of Blue Funk too!

Heavy D-efining moment for me was riding on the bus on a high school band trip and playing (Pete Rock produced) "Do Me" off of 'Peaceful Journey' and chanting the chorus and then getting griped at by all the band parents on board for our "guttermouths" and having our music privileges revoked and having to secret on walkmans and boomboxes on the dl.

Thems were th' days.

Buy "Blue Funk", probably the Hevster's best album, from Amazon.
Read this brief bio on Heavy from New Jack Swing 4Ever.
Read this '97 Ebony interview.
Marvel at this cache of an article that claims the Hevster lost 135 lbs in 2003. I want some pictures.
Buy a blue funk guitar.


12. Aesop Rock - "Blue in the Face"

Juan - Much better than the previous one.

Brian - Ok, I put the chair down. There’s an audience for this. Somewhere. I’m not one of them. Sorry.

Rob - I like the song, although it takes a few listens to really follow it. Nice beat though, and I enjoy the violin.

Pastor - I enjoyed this. I especially got a kick out of the section about trying to catch a fish with a worm and the quasi-Indian flavor of the background.

Imagine my consternation when I discovered that the always dope Cocaine Blunts had beaten me to posting this AceRock track by all of three days. Luckily, we at the Hut have deep pockets when it comes to music so we gots back ups.

First go get Blue in the Face' from CB and then c'mon back here for your second helping:

12 1/2. Aesop Rock - "Shere Khan"

'Shere Khan' is about as offbeat a hiphop track as you're likely to find anywhere. Disparate elements out the wazoo. Exciting stuff.

This track comes off of "Music for Earthworms", which Ace has made it clear that he's not likely to re-release.

The album 'Blue in the Face' hails from, "Appleseed" is also no longer in print, but if you like what you hear, you'll probably dig on what you get when you buy "Labor Days" from Amazon.
Read the Def Jux Ace page.
Read this interview.
Read this bio from 'Shere Khan' producer, dub-l.


That Sufjan concert piece should be up tomorrow. I'm draggin' a bit; forgive please.