Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Huddie was a hella photogenic rascal.
glisten: Acap' CD 11

21: Kitty Gallagher - "Keen for a Dead Child"

Adam - More on the continuing death theme we go… Hmmm. I thought the last one was stark, but this one overtakes it. What's a word for "more stark"? www.thesaurus.com says bleak. Sure. It's bleak.

Spencer - Can't understand a word but I'm sure if she sang Burger King's menu in that tender warble it would be just as beautiful. I'll have to pretend I didn't here that hawking sound at the end though.

Kevin - Sinewy and surprising melody, using parts of the voice that we don't hear often in western music. I like it.

It's spooky, is what it is; a sweet wind in the graveyard.
Remix, please.

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GRIEF on the death, it has blackened my heart:
It has snatched my low and left me desolate,
Without friend or companion under the roof of my house
But this sorrow in the midst of me, and I keening.


22: Leadbelly - "Looky Looky Yonder/Black Betty/Yellow Women's Door Bells"

Adam - Leadbelly without accompaniment is like a day without sunshine. Though it does rain a lot, and that's a day without sunshine. Maybe I should listen to this track then. I do like how he goes back and forth with the parts of the song. I can say that.

Spencer - Second track from this mix that appears on Nick Cave's Kicking Against the Pricks.

Totally accidental. I like Nick Cave but I've never owned that album. Anybody wanna drop the pertinent tracks on me?

I don't like much Leadbelly but Huddie trumps Cave on this one. Another good one to sing along with.

Kevin - Not a lot can be said about Leadbelly that hasn't been said already so I'll hyperfocus on a particularly appealing detail: I really really like where he places the handclap in the "black betty" portion!

Yeah, really puts the off in "off beat," don't it?

Young people, know your history: THIS is your original gangsta.
Old people, know your future: Fiddy has a richer history than you think.

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much spiffy to come. For now, just go check out the completed interview via Morning News over here. I think it's pretty good.
New CD on the way soon, with a numbers theme. Keep an eye out.