Friday, August 20, 2004

"James Brown's Perm Power"
glisten: Blue CD 5

9. James Brown - "Out of the Blue"

Juan - This is how I like James Brown: in small doses.

Brian - Hell, if you can’t get off yr damn chair and shake what (insert deity of choice) gave you to this’n here track, then yr dead, my friends. Dead. Soul, baby, Soul. You know how the kids are all mad about them there mashes nowadays? Well, take a little big band horns, some Ray Charles Soul (background singers included), the meanest pure sex voice ever…mash this. Don’t need to. S’already been done. Worship time. James aint blue, he’s BLUE. Yep.

Rob - James Brown is a nice transition out of the slower stuff. You can't beat the godfather of soul, ya'll.

Pastor - I didn't realize this was James Brown until about halfway through it (smacks head)! He sounds like a woman at times (not that that is a bad thing).

JB sounds a bit like the voice of the dirty dirty id to me. He's the polar opposite of Sufjan Steven's angelic choir; James is the devil on your shoulder.

Where does he pull those screams of anguish up from? It's enough to scare your momma.

Buy "Star Time", the four disc James Brown best-of, from Amazon.
You can find it used for twenty five bucks; not a bad price for what's likely to be a lifetime of listening. Definite desert island material.
Read this very recent interview.
Read AND Listen to this 1996 interview with th' Godfadda.
Explore the James Brown American Masters site.
Check out this excellent JB fansite and The Godfather of Soul site, Brown's official home on the net.


10. Prince - "Blue Light"

Juan - I remember hearing this for the first time, and not liking it. Now I do. I like how Prince does the blues voice with the reagge rythm.

Brian - Brother Brown had a son. Yeah, somewhere along the way the Man had relations with Sly and the entire Funkadelic/Parliament co-op.

There's an image for you. Bootyzilla, baby!

‘Course it was all blessed by the best little Southern Baptist choir you never heard of from a town in Mississippi you aint never heard of neither. But how did Bob Marley join the party? Must have been some good times. What worries me all hot and bothered is that they only gave us a Prince…what happens when the King comes along; no, not Elvis. Please. Ooops…just looked down the list). I’m too busy dancing with my chair right now to say much more.

Rob - Almost a dub reggae entrance. I've never really like Prince's voice. We were listening to this in the car and my dad said it sounds like reggae with a cowboy singer. I can kind of see it.

Pastor - "The love we make is pretty rude." - Great line! He writes a song about sexual frustration that is happy and upbeat. And it works.

I don't know if you knew this or not, but I kinda like this guy.

Buy "Symbol" from Amazon.
This is quite possibly Prince's most underrated album. There's at least half a dozen classics: "7", "The Morning Papers", "Damn U", "And God Created Woman", "My Name Is Prince" and "Sexy MF"; just to start.
Read this Washington Post interview with Mr. Nelson.
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Explore Little Blue Light, Blue Light, Labatt Blue Light, Blue Light Scattering , Creating a True Blue Light., etc. etc. etc.


special secret tracks from Sharon Jones!

This marks a surprising first for th' Hut; music we were contacted and ASKED to put up. And no, it's not from th' WB; it's from Brooklyn indie label DAPTONE.

Daptone sent the Hut the following lil' note:

Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings have just recorded two brand new heavy tracks with a heavy message about the state of the US today.

The tracks will come out as a 45 RPM single in about a month, but in the meantime we would like to offer the tracks for free downloads or streaming audio to certain web sites that share our political goals. The A side "What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes?" reflects our view on how the Bush administration is putting our hard earned tax money to no good. The B-side is a super heavy soul version of Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land", with all the correct lyrics that are usually overlooked by most people who sing this song. Like I said, we are looking for web sites who might be into posting this music for their subscribers. Let me know what you think and I will be glad to send you the music for review.

A "super heavy soul version of 'This Land Is Your Land'"? Even though I do seem to "share their political goals", it still sounded a little iffy to me.

I figure wotthehellwotthehell and fire off a note saying I'll give it a spin. A few minutes later, there's a pair of MP3's in the inbox and I fire em up.

What happened next was a close encounter of the funky kind. My ass started doing the boogaloo and my feets they was shufflin'. The impossible was possible: I was gettin' it the fuck down to "This Land Is Your Land".

And now so will you.

1. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - "This Land Is Your Land"

2. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - "What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes?"

Visit Daptone Records to order the 45 of this fiery bum-bum; should be available fairly soon and there's plenty else to look into in the meantime.
Watch this twenty-two minute Quicktime interview with Sharon Jones (scroll down just a bit), courtesy of Brainwashed.
Read SF Weekly's review of Sharon Jones and the Dap King's album, "Dap Dippin' with...".

The worst anybody can seem to say about the album is that it betrays a heavy debt to James Brown and that it could potentially be a bit too close to "ironic soul", too retro for its own good.

The first strikes me as no sin, the second sounds like bullshit.

I _REALLY_ want a copy.

and also...

Managed to get out to see Sufjan Stevens on Thursday night. Tune in over the weekend for a Misanthrope special.

Suffice it to say he was great but right now I'm so tired that I'm about sick.