Monday, August 09, 2004

Ralph Stanley and the boys posing for the XXL cover

Kind of a weak Hut today in terms of the writing and links. Just a bit weary.
Music's pretty damn nice, though.

glisten: Acap' CD 10

19: The Brewsteraires of Memphis - "It's Amazing"

Spencer - Never let it be said that the Brewsteraires didn't have their shit together. This is a raw live recording & there isn't one sour note. Whoever is singing the lead vocal could've easily fronted a motown group & done just fine for himself.

Couldn't agree more. That man would be Reverend W.H. Brewster, who also wrote tracks for Mahalia Jackson and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Kevin - Unlike some of the other gospel tracks on this mix, this one's a bit looser, with no holding back, and I think it's more effective as a result. Precision sometimes gets in the way.

Adam - I guess I should have expected a lot of this sort of thing when I signed up to do the review of the a capella mix. The song does eventually get pretty swingin' however, the non-existent producer on the album should have sent this one in for reworking.

This song strengthens my soul.

Buy "It's Amazing: Glorious Female Gospel 1947-51" from Amazon.

Not much info on this band available on the web that I could find; anybody want to fill in some of the blanks?


20: Ralph Stanley - "Twelve Gates to the City"

Adam - Hey, I know this guy from O Brother Whereart Thou? and from the recent Six Feet Under commercials (I think). Pretty intense and stark, which good for songs about death.

Kevin - I'm just curious why so much acapella music seems to use a
pentatonic scale. This song wouldn't ring true the same way coming from a young voice.

Spencer - Nothing to argue with here. If you've heard the O Death recording from a few years ago, you know what to expect. The young high lonesome has grown old & low.

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