Thursday, August 19, 2004

Sonny Rollins, by Freddy Warren

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glisten: Blue CD 4

7. Sonny Rollins - "The Blue Room [Take 1]"

Juan - I'll have an extra-dry Tanquerai Martini with a twist.

Rob - In the vein of the last song, sleep inducing. I'm not in the mood for it right now, but I suppose if I was feeling more melancholy or relaxed it would be perfect. It fits its title pretty well.

Pastor - I like it. Nothing seems to lower my blood pressure as well as music like this.

Brian - Kind of a rare downtempo tune for Sonny. This mix is seeming more and more like an Autumn afternoon mix. I used to live in a state where autumn lasted about a week…it’s good to be back where I can listen to this song as I watch the slow turn of leaves…and I mean that as the highest of compliments. Simple, clean, sad and joyous at once. Great tune.

This track was originally released on Miles Davis' 1951 record "Miles with Horns". This was quite early in Sonny's career; he'd only been recording for about three years or so. "Miles with Horns" marked his first album with Davis; they'd go on to cut four more over the next three years and then not record together again.

Brian's right; this song is hardly indicative of Rollins at his peak and as it's an alternate take anyway, it's most interesting as a bit of curiosity.

Aw hell, now I better put something up here to assuage my guilt about giving this legend such a weak introduction. Let's sample the legendary:

Sonny Rollins - "St. Thomas"

That's better. Beautiful, eh?

Curious Rollins neophytes are instructed to go check "Saxophone Colossus" (where 'St. Thomas' hails from), "East Broadway Rundown" and "Tenor Madness". That'll get you started.

You're looking at a rough call if you want to get this on CD. You can either buy "Chronicle", the eight disc $125 Miles Davis Prestige box set; or you can buy "The Complete Prestige Recordings", the seven disc $93 Sonny Rollins box set. Both are from Amazon, both are for serious bop-heads only.
Read this interview with Sonny and this interview with Jazz historian Gary Giddens about Rollins.
Listen to NPR's Jazz Profile and Biography on Rollins.
Sing along with the lyrics to this Rodgers and Hart standard.


8. Joe Pass and J.J. Johnson - "Blue Bossa"

Juan - This is one of the first tunes I learned to play in the guitar. I love Joe Pass, but what is the other guy playing? A trombone?!? (I Googled it.) It makes it sound a little bit like a joke. Still, nice.

Brian - Not a huge fan of guitar jazz outside of Django. It kinda floats along, this tune. The muted horn gives it a…errr…well….muted feel. Again, lazy afternoon music.

Rob - Great guitar intro, , but the direction the song takes after lets me down... until the next guitar solo in the middle of the song. jazzy.

Pastor - It's criminal how well that guitar is played, and how well it and the trombone sound together.

Can't say I know much about either of these musicians but the song sure is sweet.

Buy "We'll Be Together Again," a disc of duets with Joe Pass on guitar and J.J. Johnson on trombone, from Amazon.
Visit the Joe Pass Online Memorial for more information on the remarkable guitarist of this piece.
Read this interview with J.J. Johnson, the excellent and influential trombonist on this track.

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Movie of the moment: Kill Bill 1 and 2.
Yeah, I never saw it; I was pissed because the thing got neatly chopped into two films when it was very obviously meant to be one (I understand from a business perspective but it pisses me off as a moviegoer, rabid Tarantinophile though I am) so I intentionally waited until they were both out on video and watched them back to back.

Whoa. I just... whoa. Wish I could be clever here but I only now finished four and a half hours and I'm still blown away.

One of the best of the year though; no doubt about that.
CD of the moment I can't stop listening to: Desmond Dekker and the Aces. This double disc set of "Action!" and "Intensify" is solid reggae gold, absolute and undeniable. I'll pop a track or two up at M4R afore long but you owe it to yourself to go check out this original rude boy ASAP.
I've started posting a "musicblog reviews-in-brief" over at Better Propaganda and there's some promise that this might work its way onto the front page as long as I keeps grinding them out.

Stop by now for my take on Mark Martin's excellent Ditties for the Party as well as the basic format the reviews will take.

Musicbloggers who would be interested in getting a little free publicity and would like a writeup are encouraged to contact me and I'll send you a questionnaire about your blog that I'll use to assist in writing you up. I can't guarantee I'll get you a piece, but I'm more likely to follow up on people who holla at me. The email is up top, if you're down.
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For those that DID get discs, I'm mailing them out Friday. Keep watching the skies.