Monday, September 06, 2004

"Maybe fish for dinner... or chicken... and then I'll alter the course of music theory and cut a track or two that will stand alongside the greatest accomplishments of the modern age. And also a baked potato. With butter."
glisten: Drunkard #3

5. Different Gear and Sia - "Drink to Get Drunk [Different Gear Remix]"

Jowey - I'm not much into the 'electronica', unless it's along the lines of Roni Size, Aphex Twin or DJ Shadow. Interesting vocals...not sure what origin she is..sounds a BIT like Nelly Furtado, honestly. Terribly boring, if you ask me (and I GUESS you did)...

Mark - Sia is hit or miss, and I'm afraid this is a miss for me. Despite it's title, I feel like it's beat belongs on cd to play for a night out with "smart drinks" and neon paint. Plus it's looooooong. I could see this coming later on in the mix, when I'm all sorts of fucked up and confused -- kind of like the Streets "Blinded by the Lights."

Illovich - "I use booze to unlock me," God bless you, women who are unlockable with a bit of fermented grain or fruit. No truly, you are a blessing. Without you, here would we get all those great beer ads? This has that nice mindless, plodding beat that's good for dancing in strobelights or playing Wipeout on the Playstation.

Brooks - A dance song about drinking. It's grooving, but pretty mellow and awfully repetitive. The horns in the background are nice.

This was hot on the Ibiza scene two years back and now goes the way of much cool dancefloor ephemera: into the vapor. This is my "club drunk" track, for when the strobe is tap dancing on your cranium and the nausea hasn't caught up to the euphoria yet.

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Or, you know, just buy this year's edition. Same difference.
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One in five Germans drink to get drunk.


6. John Coltrane - "Vodka"

Jowey - BIG 'trane fan, but I'm afraid I've never heard of this track...never new he worked with Quinchette, a fabulous tenor. Count Basie was smart to find someone so talented, though I'm afraid he's still dwarfed by Coltrane. Honestly, other than Quinchette, I'm totally unfamiliar with any of the backing section! The track is good, but a bit too laid back. I wish they'd broken off and tore it up about halfway through, as I feel they're all totally capable, talented musicians. Really enjoy the duet workbetween 'trane and Quinchette, but this isn't quite on par with some of 'trane's better work (Moment's notice, Two Bass Hit).

Mark - I always feel shamed when I hear a drunk musican play better than I ever will on my best day. This is smooth and light and above all else-- fun. That sax just rolls around like a sloppy tongue, a stumbling drunk.

Illovich - I have few rules about discussing music, but one is I will never try to criticize jazz musicians, unless they are singing a mournful rendition of "Send in the Clowns." I am simply that ignorant about everything about jazz, and refuse to inadvertently be made to look like a fool. I do like this track, although it doesn't really make me think of vodka. It makes me think of luxury cars, but I blame Lexus commercials for that.

Brooks - I know this is sacrilege to say this, but I'm generally not a Coltrane fan. I dig this song though - it seems to run through all the stages of drunkenness. After the initial melody (sobriety) it's on fire for a bit and then it mellows before moving to a slopy piano solo before slipping back to coherence and then back to the melody (sober again).

This here is a three martini drunk; suave, restless and a little rumpled.

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Now I _don't_ drink these days, but I have tended bar a time or two and th' best vodka I ever tasted was Hangar One.
This unsolicited recommendation is well deserved; the lime especially is something really special. Those of you of legal age should try a snort of this stuff on your next night out.
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Combine with Julien's sample page and you may come out the other end just a bit disillusioned about your favorite artist's creativity.

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