Thursday, September 02, 2004

Tonight's lack of Drunk CD track brought to you by Keith at Teaching the Indy Kids (go check out the new Arcade Fire... at Sean's too!), who verra verra kindly invited me out to this show at the Bowery Ballroom. Yes, I finally made the list (well not by name; but I'm "Plus One"!). So it's three in the morning and I just got in and I don't have time to work up my CD.

Maybe I could tell you about the show?

Special guest host Chuck "Motherfuckin'" D, ya'll! So that was pretty hot.

Anyhoo, it was a hella nice evening and I got to see Mr. Lif, El-P, Akrobatik and Aesop Rock.
Ace is somebody I've LONG admired and enjoyed and it was bitchin' to see him live and great to get the chance to give him a pound at the aftershow...

And yes, I passed him the new Tofu Hut CD (soon to be mailed out). Hope he drops by. We love you in th' Hut, Ace!

Oh, but you don't wanna hear that, right? You came for th' tunage and th' tunage is what you will get. Let's see what's in the goodie bag...

The opening act for the show tonight was pretty fuckin' dope, so much so that I went and bought the CD on the spot. Hangar 18 is two MC's (Alaska and Windnbreez) and one DJ (paWL) and they're a hella crowd rouser. The beats were tight and Windnbreez is a solid emcee but Alaska was absolutely KILLING up there. Big boy rocks a beat.
Here's a cut from their first release, the amusingly named "The Multi-Platinum Debut Album".

1. Hangar 18 - "Where We At"

They did this one live with the guitar line from "Welcome to the Jungle" looped underneath and it was spectacular. I talked VERY briefly with Windnbreez aftershow (he was selling shirts and cd's in the lounge and bemoaned the fact that I bought mine from the label booth) and was disappointed when he told me that the GNR was a concert-only sample. Then I listened to the album cut. It holds up.

(SPECIAL NOTE TO ANY ARTIST WHO READS TH' HUT: If you're selling your CD's outta your own personal space and I'm routing traffic to your label/Amazon/random online storefront/etc. rather than directly to you, please contact me and tell me where to send the people. This would be good info to put in any documentation you would send me with promos, hint hint.)

Want more?

Download Hangar 18's "Go Git That" from C/Net.
Download Hangar's "Beatslope" from our good buddies at Better Propaganda.
Like what you heard? Then it's time to:
Buy "T.M-P.D.A" direct from Def Jux.
Read this interview with the cats in the Hangar.
One more? Alright.

The fine folks at Surfdog Records were kind enough to send me the new Gibby Haynes album, along with a Peaches remix of the single.

It's not earthshattering stuff of the "Motor Inn" variety, but it IS fun, funky, fuckable, hand clappin', foot stompin' action and well worth the download, especially for you Butthole Surfers fans.

Checkacheckacheck it out:

2. Gibby Haynes and His Problem - "Redneck Sex (Peaches Rmxxx)"

Buy the CD and the single direct from Surfdog records.
Visit the band's site (WARNING: Loud autoloaded music on the front page) and download clips of all the songs.
Read this bizarre interview between Gibby and Willie Nelson.
I may be getting Punk'd on this but it's too good not to link to.

Me tired. Be back tomorrow with a drink for ya.