Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Trumpeteers. In the fifties, they changed their name to "the CBS Trumpeteers" to promote their radio show on the eponymous network.
glisten: holy 2

I think you caught me sleeping. How'd that happen?

Never you mind. Back to saving our souls.

The Trumpeteers are a Baltimore gospel group of no small renown, led by former Golden Gate Quartet member Joe Johnson.

These tracks are all circa late '40's, early '50's. Sorry there's not much documentation but I can't find too much of interest online.

But the music! Pure distillations of emotion! Astounding wellsprings of joy, utter despair and hope! I don't do it justice. Test drive and see what you think.

The Trumpeteers - "This is a Mean Old World"

For such a bleak sentiment, this sure is a bouncy song! Bizarre harmonies and shiny happy strings make for an almost celebratory view of the brevity of life.

The Catholic Definition of Pessimism

The Trumpeteers - "Lord, In My Soul"

Here's the opposite tactic: a heartrending dirge about faith in the everlasting.

That scream at two minutes... yipes.

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The Trumpeteers - "Milky White Way"

Often imitated, never equalled; this was the Trumpeteers' signature track. Johnson's singing is assured, patient and gentle; he seems to be reasoning with his own doubts.

Read a brief history of "Milky White Way".


These tracks all hail from a gorgeous two disc retrospective of the CBS Trumpeteers entitled "Milky White Way" from P-Vine Records.

I can't for the life of me find a link to where you could buy a copy. Anybody wanna help me out?