Thursday, September 16, 2004

Tweet. Beyonce hot. Hot like fire. What's up with the new album, girl?

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glisten: Drunkard #9

17. Tweet - "Drunk"

Jowey - The beginning of the track just freaks me out. I'm not into how they smear her vocals all over the place. She sounds like Aaliyah, but it's easy to see why she didn't gain the same fame. Without someone like Timbaland trackin' the beats, there's not much to like about the track. It's way too slow and just drones on. I understand they were going for a "dunken" feeling, but the terribly boring synth lines make the keyboard from ODBs track sound like Liberace!. Honestly, they remind me of Mario 64's music, except Koji Kondo has TALENT.

Illovich - Wow. Does Missy E. listen to Prince much? This song drips pre-Rasberry beret slo-jam goodness, from the swirling backward tracking vocals ("she's crying," he claimed) to the caverns of space between each synsonics drum hit and bass popping, and those oh so sweet string pads. Can someone please do a mashup of this track and the ODB track? I want hear those two get it on.

Mark - Holy shit. Tweet. I didn't see this coming. This is like getting a sexy look from the girl in the next cab and thinking that it must be a dream because bitch is too good looking to be giving me the 'fuck me' eyes. God damn this girl is hot. I think her voice could whisper my clothes away. Luckily we followed Jello's advice and haven't got too drunk to fuck. I hope.

Brooks - Soooooo slooooowwww. I really dislike this song. Is this song supposed to represent The Spins - that nasty swimmy and turning feeling that feels like it's never going to end?

I'm more with Mark than Brooks on this one. No spins, just soft + dreamy + making out in the cabride home.

Buy Tweet's debut disc "Southern Hummingbird from Amazon.
Missy and Timbaland production means that there's reason to recommend and you really should have a copy of "Oops, Oh My" (the song that stole "the best track about female masturbation" from th' Divinyls).
Visit Tweet's official homepage.
Read (or listen to) this Tweet interview.
Interview Mr. Tweetie


18. Robert Johnson - "Drunken Hearted Man"

Jowey - RJ is considered by a few to be the true father of Rock & Roll. Since he's the source of all the stories about selling your soul to the devil for musical talent, I think he's a genius. The recording is so tinny that it reminds me of someone playing a ukulele. Come to think of it, I'd like to hear ukulele blues. Does that exist out there? wait, I guess it DOES...

Mark - What a sound. These recordings are brilliant. Nothing else in the world sounds like this, and when I'm drunk it makes me proud to be from a country that produced this shit. It's fleeting, for sure. Despite him being drunken hearted, there's a spring in his step, an air of positivity in the guitar, like everything's gonna be ok at some point. But shit gets bleak in there. This is too sad to listen to when drunk, especially when I get home and Tweet isn't there.

Illovich - Did you ever see that great movie where Ralph Macchio plays the kid who wants to learn the long lost Robert Johnson song, and he ends up being taught the blues by Joe Seneca en rote to a meeting with the devil, where Ralph Macchio pulls a karate kid ending out of his guitar by outshredding fucking Steve Vai? You just got served, bitch! Okay, it wasn't that good.

I don't really know what the movie had to do with anything, especially because all the blues in the movie that I remember were more modern than this track. I prefer this kind of blues-- ragged guitar lines meandering a strange backdrop to a folky lyrical structure. God, it's so obnoxious writing crap like that last sentence about old blues. But I like the old stuff better than the newer stuff that seems to value good playing over the songs. Warning: My opinions about jazz are only 4% more likely to make any sense to aficionados than my opinions about jazz.

Brooks - This man sold his soul for music, but somehow managed to save some of that soul for songs like this. It's so goddamn sad.

I remember being about twelve and telling my father "But everything Robert Johnson does sounds THE SAME!"

Outgrew that phase pretty quickly.

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Those of you with NO exposure to the blues at all could do worse than to start with Robert Johnson, even if that IS the cliche.
Johnson has many appeals; one of the less obvious is that a curious listener can cheaply buy his entire catalogue for under twenty bucks. It should last you for at least the next eighty years; not a bad investment.
Read this brief Johnson bio.
Visit the official site for "Can't You Hear the Wind Howl?" a 2003 bio doc on Johnson.
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spiffy... sorta

Went to see a concert tonight, so I haven't had time to get that Radio KRUD interview together yet. It's a comin'.
On the plus side, I just posted a new track (and a concert review; I'm gonna start posting them over there exclusively) at Music 4 Robots. Stop by and witness the amazingness that is AFRIRAMPO!!!!!
In retrospect, I really should've bought all the albums they had for sale instead of just this one.
Now I want more.
For the iPod ladies out there, may I present Audi-Oh?
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I've been working quite a bit lately and just barely have enough time to do the site. I'll be doing mass email replies over the weekend... please be patient! Thanks!
Happy Birthday Robin! Say "Happy Birthday", ya'll!

the entirety of my reply to my first C+D


The offending track was removed upon receipt of this letter.

I'm happy to comply with the wishes of Ms. Afeni Shakur; if you could, I would appreciate it if you would make her aware that my sharing of her son's music was certainly not done with the intention of profit or out of an attempt to void copyright protection but solely to share my love of Tupac's music with like (and, perhaps more importantly, unlike) minded listeners.