Monday, October 25, 2004

Alright, no post today but the dog didn't eat the homework.
For the past... let's say, SEVEN hours (conservatively) I've been reworking the blogroll over on the right, methodically clicking on EVERY link, removing dead ones, restructuring the roll and plunking everything into its proper pigeonhole.

Some comments:

1): The newly updated musicblog listing is fully operative. All dead musicblogs have been shuffled off to MP3 Blog heaven, aka AWOL. Any AWOL blogs who resurrect can contact me to get your Link Lazarus.

2): I've finally pulled the "DAILY" musicblog list and shuffled all my faves in by type. That list was getting terribly unwieldy; I'm more likely to find what I'm looking for in the current organization.

3): Genres at play here are based on my own evaluation of what the majority of what that blog releases. If such an evaluation is effectively impossible due to the blogmaster's diversity, they got thrown into that overstuffed compartment marked ECLECTIC.
Anybody who is unhappy with their placement is welcome to contact me to suggest where they should be shelved to be kept maximally fresh.

4): In addition to the now familiar pigeonholes of NEWBIES, ECLECTIC, SOUL/FUNK/RNB, HIPHOP/REGGAE, ROCK/J/POP/INDY, JAZZ/BLUES/OLDTIMEY, EXOTICA/BIZARRE, ELECTRIC/DJ/MASH, SPECIAL NEEDS (generally eccentric or unusual subject-oriented blogs) and AWOL; we now offer you MINIMAL/EXPERIMENTAL, VIDEO GAMES MUSIC, WORLD, BANDS/ARTISTS (individual sites for individual artists), LABEL/STORE/RADIO/ETC. SITES and MUSICBLOG AGGREGATORS.

5): I got to look in on EVERY link listed over there on the right and I was surprised by how far and how wide ranging our little community has become. BUT...
No country? No bluegrass? No classical? No soundtracks? No Spanish music? No Russian music? No folk? No dancehall? No disco? No choral? No gospel? To say nothing of the genres that are only barely being served? I'm happy to see an explosion of hip hop blogs; can we get SOME love in some of those other styles listed now? Please?

6): To that end, let me know if you'd like your blog listed. Presuming you're hosting MP3's in a responsible manner, I'll be happy to hype you; no link exchange is requested or required.

More of the numbers game tomorrow, along with a Music 4 Robots update and a Stereogum interview.
Part of the reason you get no daily music fix is because I had to bail out of my house after a large chunk of my ceiling collapsed under a leaky pipe.

Nothing was too badly damaged but the upshot is that I'm looking to move out December first for the fourth time (and the second state!) in the past year. Ouch.

Help from NYC and/or Jersey City Tofusketeers in locating a roomie and/or an affordable apartment would be appreciated. Drop me a line; let's talk.
Tofu reader Polo writes:

That Babelfish translation is awful; "De Los Tres Colores Madre" is better translated as "Of The Three Mother Colors" or, more probably, "From The Three Mother Colors".

I don't know that song, but I can tell you after listening to it that it
isn't a flag anthem. It sounds more like an old folk song, describing
natural things related to what are called the "mother colors": green, red and
white. However, these _were_ probably taken from any one of the different flags from XIX century castles in Euskadi (Country Basque), a nationalist region
that maintains those colors on their modern flag.